22 November 2010

Puppy Time

rothshearmagic 007

We have been to Rotherham today to see Monty’s puppies, they are so scrummy. Here is Noah, Alice in the middle and Riley is on the right, they are five weeks old. I think it could be the first time I’ve visited puppies and not brought one home with me :) Donna

rothshearmagic 003

Ohhh Donna they are just lovely, it must have been sooooooooooo hard to leaving without choosing one for yourself!


ed and rebecca said...

Aaah, a pile of puppies!

patricia said...

christmas specials!!

enid said...

I LOVE puppies!!!

Trish said...

This pile of puppies is just way too cute. I am glad they are very far away..

J&T said...

Can,t bear to look, they,re just so adorable!
Jane xxx