29 November 2010

Snow Fun For The Rescues

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Sorry we haven't been in touch for a while. A couple of weeks ago we had a freak electrical storm with a loud clap of thunder and simultaneous flash of lightening at 2 AM. Several homes in the village had damage to electrical items, unfortunately we lost a computer and the internet router. Now back on line for the past week, so we can share our pictures of the unseasonal weather. We assume that Rosie and Jasper may not have experienced snow on the Isle of Wight. Rosie was initially a bit bewildered, but watching Ed and Ossie who love snow and regress rapidly to puppyhood, she realised that it's a lot of fun to play in and enjoyed chasing the boys across the field, barking excitedly. Jasper still stands and shivers and tries to go back indoors as quickly as possible. His coat hair is so fine, it doesn't seem to keep him warm. He probably needs a warmer coat.  best wishes Sarah

Thank you Sarah pleased you are back on line. One never imagines thunder and lightening during the winter! Lovely to read the dogs are enjoying playing in the snow. Maybe a thicker coat on Jasper will encourage him to join in the fun! 


ed and rebecca said...

You could try one of these , it's what our two have. They fit a bedlington well and don't flap about at the back. Very cosy and waterproof! Glad to see Rosie and the boys enjoying themselves.


enid said...

Larry feels the cold and we always put his coat on to go out. I've made hom a fleece to waer in the motorhome when he goes to bed. It is very cold at the moment so old dogs are better indoors.

Sarah and Tony said...

We've had a few flashes of thunder-snow today. I've never experienced thunder in winter - all very strange.
Jasper has a few fleeces that he brought with him, and they both have nice waterproof coats, but it's a bit snugg to get a fleece under them. Ed and Ossie have 'outhwaites', like Ralphie and Hester, for when we're up mountains. I see them as the Berghouse jackets for dogs. The pet dhop in the next village has them, so if the road gets cleared I'll take Rosie and Jasper doen for a fitting.