07 November 2010

The Sporting Terrier Association Of Yorkshire

Judged by Christine Worrall
Here are the results for The Sporting Terrier Association Of Yorkshire open show today.

1 Aireview Classic Print
2 Janmark Justintime
3 Sharnor Emerald Ice Via Ycar
Res Doehey Heartstrings

sportt 025

Post Grad
1 Bisbee Belle Inni
2 Gnejnabay Solo Starboy at Gipcyan
3 Rubsters Piper at Jukenblu
R Rathsrigg Boudica

1 Bisbee Beachcombe
2 Rathsrigg Millrace
3 Janmark Misty HorizonsJW
Res Sevray Whisper At Jukenblu

sportt 037

sportt 032


BOB Bisbee Beachcomber
RBOB Rathsrigg Millrace
BPIB Janmark Justintime

Thank you to Donna for the results and photos. Many congratulations to the winners.


Tina W said...

congratulations to all!!

karen said...

well done everyone x

Mark - Janmark Bedlingtons said...

Well done the Bisbees!

Kierlander said...

Well done all, nice turn out