06 November 2010

Tea At The Castle For Jazz & Sapphire



Well things just went well for little Jazz and Sapphire on the Halloween weekend and boy o boy did we Have loads of FUN. On Saturday we went for our daily walk down the canal (the autumn colours this year are fantastic). We had a good 7 mile walk then by the time we got home had our teas it was time to go  trick or treating. Both Jazz and Sapphire had loads of fuss (fuss by the truck load). Then at 7pm we went to Whittington Castle for a Ghost Hunt evening where the real stars of the evening were Jazz and Sapphire who were not scared at all.  Sue (Manageress of the Castle) asked us back on the Sunday afternoon for the main event, where all the children in the village dressed up in their Halloween Costumes. There was a competition  to see find the best dressed boy or girl and a  procession around the castle. Jazz and Sapphire were asked to lead them around (if I'd known about this bit Jazz and Sapphire would've put their fancy dresses on). At the end of a busy day both dogs were very tired with all the fuss and attention  they were getting, AND they equalled last years total for their own trick or treating.  We will catch up with you all  soon. Ian, Jazz And Sapphire pups


Thanks Ian, you certainly had a fun filled two days at the castle. Jazz and sapphire pups were definitely the star guests!