11 November 2010

Thursday’s Northeast Natterings

It was great to attend a Open Show in the North that had such a good Bedlington Entry compared to recent shows. The Yorkshire Sporting Terrier Association Show on Sunday saw, a ‘C’ list Bedlington judge appointed, Chris Worrall to go over the breed. All classes were well supported & it was good to see some puppies coming into the show ring, they had dried up for a while. Hopefully they will become regulars, they should be encouraged. We all really need to ensure that we support these Terrier & Breed shows to safeguard their futures. Even if it means that we just give them an entry, it must be better for the breed, to ensure the judges get some dogs to get their hands on? Hopefully there will be a good turn out at West Midland Terrier at the weekend, then it will be the turn of Lancashire Sporting Terrier. So if you live in these areas, hopefully you have given the club & the judges your entry.
many thanks, Mark

Thank you Mark we certainly do need to support the breed at  terrier and open shows especially the societies that put on classes for the first time. With the cost of fuel showing is an expensive hobby and would be competitors are not travelling so far and cutting down on the amount of shows they attend. Also the weather and driving conditions during the winter months can also have an effect on how many actually attend.  But as Mark says try and support the shows especially those in your area.


bill said...

it was strange seeing a good turn out rather than just me and Julie


Eileen was chatting to one of the stewards at the last show we were at, she's been in the dog show game for years so knows it all. She has seen the numbers dropping for a while now, would not be surprised if showing has died out in the next 15 or so years.

It must be hard some times to keep having a dog that is suitable for showing. Once your dogs get to a certain age it's pointless showing them and in most cases folk wont get rid of their older dogs and are unable to keep more.

Hopefully the shows will keep going, even if you don'e show it's always nice to go now and again to meet up with friends you have made in the show ring.

The Makems