18 November 2010

Titus Achieves A Mach 2

Titus mach 2 run

Hello Lesley,
Last year you posted a link to our video from our MACH run at the Montgomery All Terrier Agility trials.  Well, one year later Titus (who is now 9 years old), earned his MACH 2 in the rain and mud.  I posted a video taken the day after when the sun was shining and the ground was firm.  Enjoy!!Susan Wellington and her agility boyz (Titus and Axel) USA

Fantastic news many congratulations to you, a real achievement for a bedlington! A Mach is a title earned by scoring points on clear rounds in agility. A dog progresses through many stages starting in beginners classes working its way up the ladder to Champion and Mach titles. The scoring is very different ours in the UK.  


enid said...

Well done, Titus. I really enjoyed watching the video.

jacqueline said...

Brilliant..I keep watching it.

ed and rebecca said...

Well done!