28 November 2010

Today At Stroud

1st: Sharnor Faithful Falcon
2nd: Sharnor Emerald Erigeron & Ystwythbay

Post Graduate
1st: Sharnor Emerald Electra
2nd: Gnejnabay Chokko Pops

1st: Jetsway Absolut Bling
2nd: Sharnor Crystal Clear

BOB Jetsway: Absolute Bling
Best Puppy: Sharnor Faithful Falcon

Best  AV Terrier & AV Terrier Post Graduate: Gnejnabay Chokko Pops

Congratulations to Judy, Sharon and Louise!

This show is not judged on the group system

A very well done to Sharon and Falcon who made the final cut to the last five for Best Puppy!


enid said...

Congratulations from a frozen Merthyr Tydfil!

poppydog said...

Congratulations from a frozen Risca too! Unfortunately Morgan couldn't make it to the show because he was a bit off colour. I hope we manage to make to the LKA!Maria.

Mark - Janmark Bedlingtons said...

Well done to all!
Hope you enjoyed your day, 6 is a decant turnout.

I couldnt show up here as I couldnt get out of the village, very poor weather up here.