28 November 2010

Today In Janmark Country!!






J & VY in bed, K & M in front of wood burner, regards Mark

Thank you Mark I think it is going to take along time for that lot to thaw! The dogs look lovely and cosy after their outing in the cold!



Ay Mark

Notice the your snow is only up to the dogs Lisks and Ohta's (Oxta's}

Lost one of our this morning, disappeared down a ditch full of snow. LOL

The Makems

Mark - Janmark Bedlingtons said...

Pretty sheltered where the photos were took Derek, under the trees in the garden.

You cant even walk the dogs (except on the main road) as the snow is so deep. Its hard work!

Lesley said...

Great Photos Mark, we've got alot of snow up in Consett too! TJ loves it, Summer not so keen, she doesn't like the snowballs between her toes.

We think the best place would be infront of that wood burner!!

Lesley McNally

Mark - Janmark Bedlingtons said...

It certainly is!

Julia said...

Sidney is on his way!


Who's Sidney ?????????????????

The Makem

ed and rebecca said...

Our two would crawl in the fire if we let them and we haven't had more than a dusting of snow!

enid said...

Don't blame them lying in front of the fire. Best place to be.

enid said...

When's Jan going to make a snow dog?

Mark - Janmark Bedlingtons said...

Jans far to busy seeing to all the old folk & disabled in the village to build a snow dog (shes a carer). Shes run off her feet at present with all this snow.
Weve just had an avalanche of the roof, wow a pile about 8 foot deep, it just missed me!