18 November 2010

Wednesday’s News From The Welsh Valleys


Wet Wet Wet!

Good morning bloggers,
We're in the middle of the worst storm of the winter so far. My path is under water and the dogs are refusing to go out so I'm off to the gym to my Zoomba class. Larry would like to thank everyone for their kind wishes on his birthday last week. He enjoyed his trip to the West midlands on Saturday. He loves going to shows even if he's not taking part. I've spoken to Sharon and baby Adam is doing well but his Mum and Dad are shattered! I've included Sharon in Welsh news because she lives just over the border. Nothing else to report. All quiet on the Western Front. Enid

Thank you Enid dull miserable cold and wet today in Oxfordshire as well. The dogs not wanting to go out except Asha who is not bothered and eventually comes in from the garden wet and covered in mud where she has been trying to dig  at the many mole mounds in the garden. The blog is very quiet and if any of our readers can help with some photos that would be great.    



Well Enid, it appears you and Eileen have something else in common, "The Zoomba" classes.

The Makem

enid said...

I love my class but I'm not very good at wiggling! I bet Eileen is much better than me.

Lesley 2 said...

What do you do in a Zoomba class???


Ohhhhh!!! Lesley

You will have to give it a go. When Eileen comes home after her class she is all damp with sweat so who knows just what goes on ????????

The Makem

enid said...

It's a new sort of aerobic work out but is great fun and is mainly Latin American dance steps to crazy music. It involves a lot of shaking bits you never knew you could shake! Apparently, the exercise burns off 800 cals. But then we go and have coffee!


Tell the truth Enid.

It's a G & T.

The Makem

k9 said...

Shush Enid dont tell them of youre secrets and by the looks of youre path the only way you are going to youre Zoomba class is by submarine lol The K9 Marshal Crew

Andrea from Neath said...

I have seen a demo of that Zumba class thing, it looks fun! Dont think my dodgy ankle would hold up tho! Lovely day today Enid, been down Aberafan with the boys, lovely! Forgot the camera tho!