22 November 2010

Where Are Those Pesky Mice?


I think we must have field mice in our garden. Fizz has been teaching Solo how to dig them out. No mice but a big hole in my herb patch! Ecco joined in so there were three dogs to bath. Thank goodness for the ancient, huge sink in the utility room. The paw plunger really does get all the caked mud off their paws but is no good for heads! Enid


Thank you Enid, they obviously got the scent of something small and furry! Perfect having a big sink in your utility room for those intrepid muddy hunters.  


ed and rebecca said...

What a face! Looks like they had a lot of fun!



The joys of having Bedlingtons in the wet winter weather. Our sinks in the wesh house. LOL

The Makem

patricia said...

Thats lovely, we had to bath larry and leo yesterday, they went hairy round the ploughed fields, and there were mud balls in their feet,

Donna said...

We dont have many paths here, the dogs are rinsed most days after their walks.