29 December 2010

Bedlington Calendar

II hope you had a great Xmas & are looking forward to a great New Year. A friend bought me a delightful Bedlington Calendar for Xmas & i was simply wondering whether any of your bloggers would like the link as it contains some lovely pictures of Bedlingtons.  The link to the website is below: http://www.avonsidepublishing.co.uk/Bedlington_Terrier.asp


I have also included a picture of Mia & Blue guarding our Xmas presents from any unwanted attention. Regards Glen, Mark

What a lovely photo, a really beautiful tree next to that gorgeous fireplace with two very alert bedies guarding the pressies! Thank you for the link to the 2011 calendar there are some lovely photos to enjoy throughout the year. You must buy  an Avon Publishing calendar next autumn for 2012 as our bedlingtons  are being featured. A photo shoot took place here a few weeks ago by a professional photographer and she contacted me just before Christmas to say Avon Publishing had approved 13  proofs and are going to print for 2012. I am soooooooooooooo excited as I have not seen the photos as I signed over all the rights.  The  day the shoot took place was perfect as the sun shone and not a cloud in sky!  All the photos  were  were taken in natural surroundings mostly in woodland and by the river..



enid said...

What well behaved beddies! Ours would have opened the presents - they love tearing the paper.

Mary said...

My hubby got me the same calendar for xmas