30 December 2010

Fun Time Had By Jazz & Sapphire



Hello Everyone,
We hope everyone enjoyed Christmas I know there were two little Bedlingtons here in north Shropshire who just couldn't wait for Doggie Paws to come on Christmas Eve. They were so wound up and on top form that they played until 11:45pm waiting to see Doggie paws that they fell fast asleep on the landing. On Christmas day they both raced down stairs to count how many presents they had (6 presents each)! After they opened 1 present each we went for a special Christmas walk around Brown Moss near Whitchurch and with the snow lying on the ground they had such a good time. We didn't get home till 11:30am to open the rest of our presents. Jazz and Sapphire wanted to come Quad biking with me (a fantastic present of Mum to me).  After we all had a fantastic dinner Jazz and Sapphire opened the rest of their presents and fell fast asleep in front of the telly watching Shrek. But now the Snow  is almost gone (thank  goodness) we can start to go on longer walks.  I know the K9 Marshal Crew are looking forward to the sports car show to see all their friends that they Marshal with. So from all of us in the K9 Marshal Crew House hold wish Every one of you an the Blog A HAPPY NEW YEAR AND WE HOPE YOU ALL HAVE A VERY GOOD YEAR Doggy Lick

Thank you Ian do take a photo of your quad bike, Billy will be very envious. I know how he likes boy’s toys as well!



All the best Ian. Hope you can give a Makem a backer on your bike, is it hard to peddle. LOL

The Makem

enid said...

Aren't you a lucky boy!
Happy New Year!

bill said...




Is that a bike or 4 more bairns??

The Makem

Tina W said...

What you want and what you get are two very different things!! lol

k9 said...

Our Billy
Credit where its due, you're a star in you're own twinkle lol Ian, Jazz and Sapphire pups