29 December 2010

Good Morning From Wales
Good morning Bloggers. I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. Our family had rules about presents this year. The adults were only allowed to spend £5 on each other and give what they would have spent to charity but the children had to make gifts for Hefin and myself. As you can see in the photo, they really put a lot of thought into the gifts. Megan painted us a portrait of Solo in the manner of Craigie, Andrew made a calendar with our dogs on each month and all the families birthdays so that we don't forget, Tomos, Rowan and Gwen made pickled onion, chutney and mincemeat. I think they were the nicest presents ever!
Brain Holland and Julie Bouse both celebrated their birthdays over the Christmas period. Julie's was on Boxing Day but she didn't get our card as the post hasn't been delivered. Elwyn cooked the turkey in the Wright's household and it was very successful. He told us that Kevin and all the family had terrible colds so I hope they will be well enough to come on New Years Day.
The snow has started to thaw and we will all be glad to get back to normal. It just remains for me to wish you all a very Happy New Year! Enid
Thank you Enid what a wonderful idea for Christmas gifts, home made gifts are extra special and the grand children would have thoroughly enjoyed crafting, cooking and wrapping their very special pressies.  Do hope Brian and Julie enjoyed their special day and well done to Chef Elwyn. I think the snow will will stay away over the New Year weekend so we will think of you all having a lovely time New Year’s day 


Tina W said...

They are lovely presents-what age is Megan that painted Solo? She is talented!

enid said...

I think she is! She's 15, Andrew is12, Tomos is 9 today, Rowan is 6 and Gwen is 3. They are smashing children.

Sarah and Tony said...

What great gifts. The painting from Megan is fantastic, and the others are lovely too.

bill said...

i like the "famillies birthdays"

nice touch