26 December 2010

Happy Boxing Day From Tricia

Happy Boxing Day Everyone!!
The weather here has turned dreary and rainy with a winter storm swirling all around us......lots of snow for NC & VA. but hopefully not here.  Everyone here (except me) are hoping for snow!  We are only 26 miles from the Gulf Stream, so that helps to keep us warmer.  I will update IF we do get snow (yuck)....  We had a nice quiet Christmas.  The girls opened the pressies Christmas Eve.  I got them 2 of those furry toys without the stuffings, I forget what they are called...they got a fox and a racoon.  A Kong frisbee, A Kong extreme and a "ball" made of twisted Kong rubber.....then comes Storey, the dog that can chew up anything, but the Kong.....her first order of business was to try to chew the squeekers out of the fox and racoon.....Amelia decided EVERYTHING was HERS, the Kong was the biggest hit....Storey can't eat it, it rolls funny.  It is so popular, that I ordered 2 more yesterday from Amazon.  And I haven't even put anything inside it yet!!  Chris made fennel encrusted tuna, with a lemon aoli over couscous  for dinner.....it was wonderful!  The dogs also got tuna, but not the same as we ate.  He steamed some tuna for them.  I am also sitting for "Kitty", so tried to make Christmas special for her.....lit up the tree for her, put on Christmas music and she had tuna for dinner too!  We had a long snuggle and I gave her a massage.....she melts onto my lap when I do that.
I hope everyone had a warm and wonderful Christmas. Happy New Year to all..... Tricia, Greyson, Rose ,Willo ,Amelia  & Storey (My Woofs in Sheeps Clothing)

Thanks Tricia, wow Chris sounds a fantastic chef how nice to have a man around the house who likes to cook. What a wonderful  time you had watching the girls play with their toys.  Among other goodies Asha had a squeaky Santa as a present, needless to say the squeak did not last long and she deposited the stuffing all round the house! The dogs love tearing the paper off their pressies especially if there are treats or food to be found inside the wrapping paper.

No more snow for us but still loads lying, the cold temperatures during the day have not made much impact on a thaw! We had a quiet day yesterday sharing roast goose with Jon’s and my Mum but today have had a house full of friends to lunch. Everyone has gone and just having a break from the clearing up. Happy Boxing day to everyone


enid said...

Any snow yet? Just seen pictures on the news of all the snow in the USA. Ours is thawing, thank goodness.

J&T said...

Sounds like you had a super Christmas Trish. It,s so great to snuggle down with your beloved canines, (or felines even!)after a wonderful meal.
Jane xxx

Trish said...

Enid we actually did get some snow Sunday evening....about 1 inch. Greyson and Willo had to be dragged out the door & greyson didn't want to get off the steps once she found a "snow free" spot. Rose (who is 10) couldn't wait to get down the steps into the yard...she ran and jumped and loved it. Willo justed pottied and ran up the step to the door, Storey (who I think had been in snow before) chased Rose and Amelia didn't quite know what to make of it.It stared melting yesterday and today it is all gone.