27 December 2010

I Want One!!!!

The  dog in the video clip is an Hungarian Pumi. A fantastic herding breed non shedding long coated  stocky bedlington sized dog. As far as I can tell no breeders in the UK but this dog is bred in Europe and the US and is excelling in performance sports taking a third place in the USA National  agility championships this year. 



Hungarian Pumi (Agility Finals)


Lesley 2 said...

Note From Jane
I did look into obtaining one many years ago,(none in the UK !)Their ears are amazing and stand half cocked but upright. They are aparently quite self possessed and VERY, VERY vocal!!!!
Jane xxx

Lesley 2 said...

They look fantastic Jane for agility one was 3rd this year in the USA National agility championships. I can't find anyone who breeds them in the UK

Trish said...

I LOVED both videos. What and adorable dog this Pumi is. Makes me want one too.