30 December 2010

Results from Yesterday At Luton


1st -  Mollora Hazy Days At Bluesmurf
2nd - Burmington Truly Blue
3rd - Pocoblu Concerto
Res - Tobanie Earth Song (B.P)

1st - Sevray Rebus
2nd - Pocoblu Misterioso
3rd - Makems Honky Tonk Woman
Res - Mollora Eastern Dawn For Tobanie
OPEN (10 - 5 ABSENT)

1st - Miteymidgets Hawkers Cove (B.O.B.)
2nd - Bisbee Everlasting Life With Bluesmurf (R.B.O.B.)
3rd - Mollora Little Rosie At Pocoblu
Res - Miteymidgets Cruiser At Pocoblu
VHC - Seaofiron Where Angels Play

Many thanks to Christine Worrall for the results.


enid said...

Ecco said "congatulations to my baby winning best puppy and my daughter Cove for BOB". Thank you Trudie for a lovely Christmas card.

chris worrall said...

I have been informed by Yvonne that I have given incorrect results,the open class is wrong.Apparantley Little Rosie was definitely 5th, Sarah with Lilly was 3rd with Mary in 4th - sorry

Jill said...

Hi all, just another correction on the placings for the open class. 1st-Miteymidgets Hawkers cove
2nd-Bisbee Everlasting life with Bluesmurf.
3rd-Mollora Little Rosie @Pocoblu
Res-Seaofiron Where Angels Play
VHC-Miteymidgets Cruiser @Pocoblu
Sarah came 3nd in the YKC 17 to 24 handling class with Lilly.
I have some photos of the winners so I will e-mail them to Lesley

Jill said...

I meant Sarah was 2nd in the handling.

Should have put my glasses on!

Lesley 2 said...

Well done to Sarah for the handling a great result and so many entries