31 December 2010

Rosie Has A Make Over
We had a quiet Christmas at home, partly due to the snow and ice, which  fortunately is now melting fast, and also becasue I was on-call. We usually like to have long walks and save the eating to the evening. This year's walks were short but pleasant in the winter sunshine. Boxing day Rosie and Jasper had baths, and we managed to groom the whole of Rosie. This is quite an achievement, as neither of them are keen on being brushed or clipped, and we have been doing grooming in little stages. Rosie was well over-due, and resembled a woolly teddy, with a beard that Santa would have been proud of.  I know that I'm very much a novice, and I still have problems blending in the tops of the legs, but given that I had to work fast, I'm really pleased with the result, and a slim bedlington shaped girl appeared from under all her curls. I'm sorry that I couldn't get to stand for her photo. Best wishes Sarah
Copy (1) of IMG_1420
Thank you Sarah, Rosie looks terrific with  her new hairdo and quite the bedlington model in her pink collar. It certainly is not easy trying to groom a dog who fidgets, you should be proud of your achievements as she looks ready for the show ring!   


patricia said...

well done looks lovely x

Elaine & Ern said...

I sympathise.

I have one who stands like a statue - one who fidgets and twitches and one male who is hysterical every time the clippers or scissors appear.

Result - one perfect, one work in progress and one who who will never progress beyond the 'I've started - but I'll never finish stage'.

enid said...

Well done! Just remember the fur will grow again!
Happy New Year!