31 January 2010

Bury Sporting Terrier

show pictures 006 Karen, Julie and Mark busy with their scissors and combs.

show pictures 009 J and Mouse in “Junior”

show pictures 015

Looking good in the Open class

Many thanks to Karen for the photos!

Mark and The Janmarks  Star At Bury Sporting Terrier

Excellent day today with the long trip rewarded to Bury Sporting Terrier.
Blue Encounter, BOB & Reserve Best in Show (BIS Lakeland).
Misty Horizons, BP & Best Pup in Show. The wine will be out shortly!! Mark

Fantastic news, congratulations Mark what a day for the Bedlington at this show! Two or three glasses if I were you tonight well done!

Results From Today’s Show At Bury Sporting Terrier

Junior    1st   walshaws   Janmark misty horizons  ( J )  BP

              2nd Hoakseys  A little more flair   ( mouse )

No entries for Post Grad

Open      1st   walshaws  Janmark blue encounter   ( T )  BOB

              2nd  Brookes   Rathsrigg boudica

              3rd   Hoakseys  Aireview little princess  ( Ashia )

Mark was waiting for best puppy and best in show when I left so he said he will send you in his results later

Today was Mouse's first show and she was really good hopefully when I can work out how to download the pictures I will send them on to you    thanks  karen

Thank you Karen once again well done to Mark and of course to little “Mouse” on her debut.

Hello Everyone From Oracoke USA!

The weather here has turned to winter again. Rain and gales and snow up on the northern beaches. I am ready for this to be over. I had a bit of a scare Thursday night. On Thursday morning after she had her breakfast, Greyson vomited it all back up. I really didn't think too much about it, who's dog hasn't regurgitated soon after eating it? She acted fine, maybe a little sheepish, like she thought she had done something wrong, but she wanted to play fetch with her ball. At dinner time I decided to be cautious, and I only fed her a small amount of boiled rice. Within and hour, she threw that little bit up. My first thought was, I am going to have to run to the vet in the morning. She seemed a little subdued, but nothing unusual. At about midnight, she stood up and had that look about her, like she way going to be sick again, so I took her out on the porch. This time she just threw up some frothy stuff, but it was pink & that scared me. So I called my vet, I couldn't get a ferry until 5 am, as they don't run after midnight, until 5. At this time, she acted like she was in pain, trembling and not able to get comfortable. The vet told me to keep her calm and relaxed, so I sat up all night, she eventually relaxed and went to sleep, but not me. At 4:30 am we left for the ferry and met the vet at 7 am. Greyson was dehydrated, they took blood, did an x-ray, checked her stool, which had noticeable blood in it, although she never had a bowel movement that day. One good sign was the way she ran across the parking lot to greet the vet when she saw her. They kept her overnight on IV fluids and antibiotic. All her blood work came back normal, although her white blood cell out was slightly elevated, which indicated infection. The x-rays found nothing, except she had a lot of gas in her intestines. I was able to go and get her on Saturday afternoon. The vet said she thought she had HGE hemorrhagic gastroenteritis. There is no test for it, they don't know what causes it, but it can be fatal if not treated immediately with IV fluids. It happens in perfectly healthy dogs. The can be fine one minute and very sick the next. Because they don't know the cause, there is no preventive treatment. I have never seen or heard of this, but will certainly be alert about it in the future. Greyson is doing well. She was eating at the vet and the vomiting had stopped, so we will see how dinner goes tonight. I will be watching her like a hawk for the next week or so. Very scary stuff. Aside from that, I have had a very quiet week. Everyone else is fine. I have put some old photos on this laptop off my old computer, so I have new(even thought they are old) photos to share of my girls when they were little. The old desk top is dying a slow death, so a new computer is next on the "to buy" list. Hopefully next week I will be able to tell you that Greyson is back to her normal bouncy self. I don't think she got much rest at the vets. She made friends with 2 kittens and a parrot.......my vet said I need to take them home with me too! Try to say warm and dry.

Rose,_baby_Willo,_GreysonGoodness me Tricia, what a worrying time, you must have been frantic, it must have been so worrying and living on an island so far away from an emergency vet! Thank goodness she is home and now recovering. Hope you get new computer soon. You deserve a new toy!

Mills In the Stakes

DSCF9283 A good result for Millie, the class was judged by Mr Graham Osborne. There were no Bedlington classes at the this show.

Milly 1st in stakes open out of 30 entries.

Bedlington Blast From The USA Past

Here are pages from our original BTCA Manual that was published in 1964. Some very interesting info for your folks there. Gives a bit more history of the Rockefellers and many of the influential dogs that were imported into the USA from England. Hugs, Mary Lou



First known American Illustration of a Bedlington Terrier From Ed James’ “Terrier Dogs”, N.Y. 1873

ch Ch. Deckham O’Lad Of Forenze First U.S.Best In Show Bedlington Rochester 1927

A very special thanks to Mary Lou, who has emailed me 15 pages from the original BTCA manual, it certainly makes fascinating reading if you are interested in researching the origins of the Bedlington in the USA. I cannot print all this information on the blog, but if you send me an email I will forward you the pages.

30 January 2010

Today At The Northern Dog Club, Eston Academy

Hello Bloggers ,Woke up this morning to look out of the window and guess what ?? the white stuff was back again. Still as today was Northern Dog Club Show down at Middlesbrough we battled through the drifts and driving gales to visit the show and to see a few friends. Thought you might firstly like to see the short legged variety of the Bedlington, the Dandie Dimont, Ahhh he looks sad.


We then have the pre show discussion to see who is going to win this one. Our Dusty had a sneak preview of the show scene and was abducted by a new to be Bedlington owner, she is getting her new pup next week end. Hope she lets us all see the pup when she gets it from ????????.


Then it's the line up with all contestants highly strung out awaiting the judges final pick. Mark's dog "T" was BOB and Group 2 and his bitch "J" being handled by Eileen was BP and Group 3. Julie's Whisper and Billy's Miss Pie being runners up. Both Julie and Billy then went on to other classes.  Then onto the the tea, coffee pie and chips and the final chat of the days proceedings. The Makem


!cid_2DA12816-00A9-4413-BEC7-74D462FFB175Thank You Derek, luckily no white stuff here! Congratulations to Mark. Pie and chips to end the day sounds great. What a nice relaxed atmosphere I think a good time was had by all.

This weekend’s Open Shows

30th January The Northern Dog Club, Eston Academy

Bedlington Open Judge Ian Sidgwick (Paulian).

31st January

Bury Sporting Terrier, Bacup

Bedlington Junior, Post Grad & Open.

Judge Sue Holroyd (Ballroyd).

Good luck to everyone entered

A New Toy For Billy

100_4574Poor Billy recently  got his jeep stolen off his drive at home, but on a positive note he now has a nearly new black shiny all singing and dancing jeep to replace it.  And just look at the wheel cover, his own personal  Gipcyan sign, how cool is that!  

Saturday And We Say Hello To Marie


The snow is back, although at the moment it isn't lying too thick on the ground. I don't fancy a repeat of last month so I hope it doesn't come to much. We're almost into February already, I sometimes wonder where all the time goes. I have the middle week of Feb off work to look forward to, and there are more photography folks coming up to Skye to keep me busy.

The dogs are getting hairy again so I'll have to think about getting the clippers out. It's not their favourite time, but I'm getting faster at grooming them at least. This weeks pic is of Gesto Farm just before sunset. I went out last Sunday in the hope of getting some nice light and I wasn't disappointed.

What a beautiful photo Marie and what an idyllic place to live but probably can be bleak in midwinter. I expect the people who live on the farm have to have huge stocked  freezers of food for when they are snowed in.

29 January 2010

Haircut Day At The Makems!

Hello Bloggers

I don't like this hair cut business, it took all three to hold me down but in the end  I do look a bit more handsome.  And I got the chance to see me Mam, Gran, Auntie and my Sister Dusty  again.  Hopefully the next time I'll be a bit more quite and not as fidgety.


TJ  (Makems Caught In The Act)

  !cid_8D6EE038-47A2-498A-9157-4910C9E9041D !cid_3F130B85-9C7F-47E4-BEAE-BCD6A264FFE5Lovely photos Derek, how can pups who look so adorable be nothing other than little angels!!!!

Feeding A Raw Diet Question And Answers


  A photo of Leonberger Kennel Kitchen Counter

Click HERE

I came across this e-book and thought it would answer some question for anyone wanting to feed a raw diet. Luckily now there seems to be a variety of  dried and moist natural food available with good quality ingredients and no additives.When choosing food do read the list of ingredients on the side of the packets!  

Pet Food ingredients (What you need to know!)


or chemistry_set

The ingredients list on the label is where the pet owner makes up his or her mind about whether they like what they read. Those who do or do not want to feed a certain ingredient can look to make sure it is included or excluded.

Click HERE

Pet Food Review - Their Top Buys this Month

Click HERE

4 Weeks Still To Go But Counting Down The Days


This photo  is little Asha and her brother Edward at just over three weeks old. They will be four weeks on Sunday.


Breed Notes By Viv Rainsbury

Click HERE

If you wonder why I don’t print the weekly breed notes from Ken’s column in “Our Dogs” it is because I don’t have internet access to these notes from this publication.

Uncle Ian’s K9 Quiz




Hi Bloggers This only for a bit of fun

Q1 What name is given to a dish of pickled herring that is traditionally served with an onion or a gherkin?

Q2What is the first name of private Pike in the tv series Dads Army?

Q3 Who wears "The Fisherman's Ring"?

Q4 Which actor played the character of Otto in the film A Fish Called Wanda?

Q5 What kind of animal was Beatrix Potter's Jeremy Fisher?

Q6 What was Monstro, the giant animal that swollowed Pinocchio and his Father?

Q7 According to the Bible, Jesus fed the 5000 with five loaves and how many fish?

Q8 Which actor played Captain Quint in the film Jaws?

Q9 By what other name is the literary character William Fisher known?

Q10 Fish was the lead singer of which pop group, who had a hit with the song " Kayleigh"?

This will get them all thinking Ian!

Where have the Makem been?

Hello Bloggers If I remember rightly these dogs required a hot bath when we got home from this country park ??  I think that Lady Hamilton had long gone the day we were there.  It would be a good location for a Bedlington Walk as it's only a couple of mile off the A1M, but which part of the A1M??

!cid_B0EDEFE9-2E94-436A-A55A-928C17F39DEF !cid_D86DFF6F-FE35-4663-AA73-A498EAA4FEDB !cid_48C097C6-0A24-41A3-AC10-8F6B64FE1998

Dog News:  Help For Animals Arrives In Haiti

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28 January 2010

Bedlington History From The USA:  As published In pure Dogs AKC Gazette 1950


 Photo of Anthony and Anna 1956

Mary Lou has kindly sent me Anna Neary’s article on the Bedlington, from the American kennel Club Gazette 1950. This article has a section about the size and shape of the bedlington ear. I am not going to put the article on the blog but if you would like a copy email me and I will forward it to you. caineslesley@tiscali.co.uk

Late Entires For Maidenhead

Fred Gadd is judging the Bedlingtons at Maidenhead Show on February 20th. Although entries are officially now closed the secretary said she will take late entries up until Saturday! We would like to see a good entry under Fred so if there is nothing in your diary and it is not too far from home please enter and come along!

Maidenhead & District CS
Rivermead Leisure Centre, Reading RG1 8EQ
Bedlington Classes Puppy, Junior, Post Grad & Open
Judge: Mr F Gadd
Honn Sec: 01252 850537

Click here for schedule

Alfie Tries To Hide From Trudie!

This is Alfie, Tazmine’s half brother and this is what he does as soon as he goes on the table.. tries to hide!!!!

P1010093 P1010092 If I just lie here and go to sleep, when I wake up it will all be over " hopes Alfie!

This is so cute Trudie, poor Alfie looks sooooooooooo miserable! But what a handsome boy with his dark coat!

Northeast Natter From Our Julie


Good Afternoon from the northeast sorry it is a bit late i have been so busy at work and didn't get home last night till 9.30.It has been very quite up here with no shows since the start of the month but we start again on Saturday at Northern Dogs and can’t wait. I think I am showing every other week for the next 2 months so busy busy.

Whisper is getting over the grumpy stage thank you all for the advise he now goes running with his Dad every week and loves it Ken said when he slows down Whisper pulls him to keep going so a good personal trainer does anyone want to borrow him?

Piper is due in season very soon so the fun will begin the frilly knickers are on standby and promise to get a photo. Spoke to Billy on Monday night who informed me little Issac is coming on very well going to ring craft and can’t wait for is first show on the 6Th Feb.well that is all from me this week if you are showing this weekend good luck and enjoy  Julie xx 

Thank you Julie, the last few weeks have been very quiet but next Month brings a host of new open shows up and down the country. I am really looking forward to seeing out the new pups in the ring. Good Luck at Northern Dog and don’t forget your camera!

Dog News:  Dog Handler is Jailed for Cruelty

Click HERE



Click HERE

Pushka And Bhuna The Flyball Bedlies!

Just thought I’'d let you know that both my bedlingtons Pushka and Bhuna attend fly ball sessions each week. We are not competing but Pushka is extremely quick, and thoroughly enjoys it.Jane_No1_use_019

They have both started doing agility, Boo took the bronze medal at the clubs competition in December and Pushka is still progressing well in heel work to music and is due to take her first exam in the near future. You met Pushka at last years fun day when you awarded her the bronze good citizen award. Looking forward to a busy show year and of course the fun day.  Regards Jane

Well done to to Pushka and Bhuna, more and more bedlingtons are taking part in performance events which is fantastic. A  few  Bedlingtons in the USA are doing really well in  top level agility competitions, it goes to prove just how versatile the 2008_004breed is. The Bedlington may not be the easiest dog to keep motivated and focused but  the breed is very intelligent. I have just taught Diesel scent discrimination, it took just a week for her to learn to  pick out the correct cotton napkin out of 6 identical ones placed around a room.  Good luck with Pushka’s HTM exam do let us know how she gets on.

27 January 2010

A Letter From Dora

Dear Lesley
Just caught up with the news that you may have missed some messages.  I think that one may have been mine. It seems a long time off but I wanted to tell you about the surprise that I received on Christmas Day. I had shown my son the lovely baubles painted by Viv Rainsbury that were on Ebay. Well, I received the one with the pair of Bedlingtons - he had bid without my knowledge and won. It is so lovely - I was so thrilled and it has been admired by one and all. Since then I have been trying to pose Lucy and Ben in that position for a photo call but to no avail so far.
We send our love to all especially to Viv Rainsbury for her wonderful talent. Love from Dora and Lucy and Ben.

Thank you Dora, I did wonder when Jon sent the bauble off if it was for you? Viv is very talented and the auction raised far more money that I thought possible! A little bird tells me she is planning on producing  some more Christmas decorations for this year. Looking forward to seeing Lucy and Ben in May at the Fun Day.

Dog World Interactive!

Take time to watch Video Clips,

Stuart Baillie meets... Bill Lambert

Watch highlights from LKA 2009

Eukanuba Champion Stakes

Watch the first Dog World / Eukanuba breeders' Masterclass – What Makes a World Class Show Dog?

Click HERE

Dog News: Dog Breeding and Puppy Farming: An Insider’s Insight

Click HERE

This is an excellent insight into dog breeding for maximum profit. You just don’t know what goes on behind closed doors of some  breeders and breed specialists who are deemed to be knowledgeable and responsible dog lovers!        

Mykee  Flyball The Star


This  is Mykee and he is now coming up to 5 years old.  He loves to do flyball and craves for his cuddles on a nigh time.  In his flyball he has just gained his silver award being 10,000 points which is quiet  an achievement, also I was told that he was the very first Bedlington Terrier to do flyball in this country and possibly the world. Karen

Thank you Karen, wow Karen I am impressed, Mykee as far as I know is the only bedlington who competes at flyball. I have met another one that practises with a border collie, but is too inconsistent to compete. I think bedlingtons in general have their noses to the ground and are not really focused on ball catching. Some of you will recognise Mykee as he is the dog featured on the home page of Bedlington Terrier Rescue And Re homeing. Check out the website   


Wednesday’s News From The Welsh Valleys

As you can see, Solo is learning very quickly. He's on cat patrol with the Pengerrig gang. He's made friends with all the dogs in the street including Joe the German Shepherd. He managed to wrestle a bottle of port off the wine rack and I was met with a sea of red liquid when I went into the kitchen. I don't think he drank any because he was full of beans and not fast asleep! It took ages to clean the floor tiles.IMG_2286

Today he decided to try digging and I do not have a single pansy left in my pots. We are well on the way with arrangements for Discover Dogs and have volunteers for all four days. So a big thank you to all who will be manning the stall. I'll let you know who's doing what and when nearer the time. There's good news to report from Tredegar and Big Mo. It looks like the cause of the problem is trigeminal neuralgia and the new tablets are starting to kick in. She sounded much more like her old self when I spoke to her this morning. Keep warm and look after yourselves. Enid

Thank you Enid I just love the photo, what a little character Solo is, always looking for something new to get his teeth into! He certainly knows how to keep you on your toes. What a relief for Mo, hopefully the tablets are taking away the dreadful pain in her face and jaw. Poor Mo has been in pain far too long, it is great to hear she is on the road to recovery

26 January 2010

Can You Help Daisy Combat An Unusual Skin Condition?

I had a recent call from an old friend who has a problem with her 5-year old Bedlington bitch. "Daisy" is one of our Sevray puppies, and the problems she's having aren't something I can recall in any of our own, so I can't suggest any ideas which might help in this case. Daisy occasionally develops a very itchy condition around her mouth and chin, and she scratches to the extent that she makes it bleed. The vet has been trying to discover the cause for ages, and has used various treatments, both conventional and alternative (homoeopathy etc) to help when the condition flares up. There's no obvious cause so far, so everyone is baffled. It doesn't seem to be "seasonal" or related to diet etc. The latest consideration is thrush, so treatment is in hand for that, but if anyone has any suggestions, please let us know. If anyone else has had similar problems, what did you do? Thanks for any help and suggestion, Viv

Thanks Viv this is certainly an unusual skin condition. I wonder if Daisy may be putting her nose or mouth into something in the garden that may cause irritation. It does not sound like a usual allergic reaction as it is just infects her mouth and chin.

Youva meets Brenda and Bridget



Many thanks to Mary for the photos. With the snow at last gone Mary and Nicky met up for their planned walk with the dogs. Doesn’t time fly as Little Youva is now 5 months old. Although still a pup Youva is now training with the adult dogs in obedience classes. In the photo Bridget and Brenda can’t quite make out their little dark coated new friend.

Tuesday’s Midland Musings From Jane

Hi All,  At the weekend Trevor took the bull by the horns, or the clippers to the dog to be precise and gave Archie a short back and sides. Since becoming poorly his skin has become very sensitive and he hates to be groomed, hence he had become very woolly and unkempt. He is now sporting a short back and sides, pre empting this I sent for an Equafleece jumper for him, he has taken to his new clothes with great enthusiasm as you can see! !cid_X_MA2_1264457210@aol

He’s always been a bit of a show off, so will insist on parading in front of the girls with a "Look at me!" expression on his face.

Stella gave me  a scare last Friday. Whilst on our daily tour of duty by the canal, in the pouring rain I hasten to add, she was startled by a couple of large dogs. As I had my coat hood well and truly up, restricting my view it was the loud splash that alerted me to the fact she was taking her very first swimming lesson! " Doe’s she normally have a swim ?" asked the large dogs owner! "Never!" was my reply in panic. As luck had it she proved to be a very good swimmer and though thoroughly bedraggled she was none the worse for her dousing. Yet again it is the time of year to make sure all club subscriptions are paid up. If you are not a member of one of the three Bedlington Terrier breed clubs why not give one,(if not all) a try. It does not cost a lot and keeps you in touch with our favourite breed. Till the next time, keep looking ahead, spring is on it’s way! Jane xxx

Thank you Jane Archie looks very proud of his new sweater, I think dogs are just like us in their twilight years, their hair grows gray and thin. Poor  Stella, must have had quite a shock falling in that cold water, but luckily now worse for her ordeal! As Jane said if you are not a member of one of the clubs you can check out their websites  in the index column. Each club produces a twice yearly show, special events  and  regular bulletins of club news.

25 January 2010

Not Too Cold For The K9 Crew

Hi Everyone,

Well Jazz and Sapphire had a good run this morning and it was a  cold and gray start to Monday here in North Shropshire. Not to worry, we did meet up with some of Jazz and Sapphire's doggie friends, Biggles (a Rhodesion Ridgeback), Charlie ( a little King Charles) and Honey a 5 year old Labrador. All 5 dogs raced around and played together for 1/2 an hour while the humans talked and caught up on things. Guess which two where left with plenty of energy ( yes the Jazz Man and little Sapphire) their friends were all out of puff! Even after a 3 mile walk they still had enough energy to play for another hour before stopping, sitting in the chair and asking their Uncle Ian for a cuppa tea and some biscuits to warm up!

!cid_B95AF057830742718A2FD5CF50DACEE9@alexPCThank you Ian I love the photo with the pink tinge very artistic. We went walking over the hill today but the sun was out and in the light wind I was really quite hot wearing  my hat, gloves and thick windproof jacket.


To Sharon Norman and Leia who produced six little babies last night 4 boys and two girls. Looking forward to some photos.

Grooming Day Yesterday At Hadlow College

The pictures from today at Hadlow college. Louisa demonstrated to a packed room how to groom Bosley the cute blue BedIMGP0475lington to a high level pet groom. She was telling us all how friendly and welcoming the demonstration day was she attended recently. She made it clear fun and informative.

Here are some pictures from the day. What is lovely is to see that people are so willing to help and encourage each other. Excuse the chalk, poor Louisa got an itch and well, got covered in chalk lol. Another lovely day an any excuse to see a Bedlington in action. Donna of Dinky Dogs Grooming




Thank you Donna, how nice to see a group of students learning how to trim the bedlington. So many grooming shops have little idea of a bedlington trim and come back looking like Fox Terriers! Once you trim the face like a terrier face it takes forever to grow out! Please note that Donna’s (who lives in Sussex) details are now on the “Recommended Groomers” list in the index column.

Monday And We Say Hello To Victoria.

We didn't go to obedience this week as I had lots of homework and I had to miss it that time. On Thursday my Dad took Rose up to ringcraft.he says she pulled to the side on the first few goes,but after that was very good and stood really well on the table. On Sunday me and my dad took Jack and Rose for a walk up the woods.It was very muddy but they both had fun running about. Rose kept us busy chasing her after bikes. We also saw a labradoodle that used to go to obedience training with Jack. Rose had fun playing with him and a 5 month old JRT, I  hope tonight (Monday) I will get back to obedience with Rose. My Dad is getting Jack ready for the show on Saturday. see you soon lots of love Victoria Rose and Jack.

fujifilm_166 Something in the air! Jack and Rose out walking yesterday.

Thank you Victoria, not long now before Rose’s first show, I bet Dad is soooooooooooooo excited. It is great seeing all the blog puppies making their show debuts. Hope Rose is a good girl at obedience tonight.

24 January 2010

Parker & Millie

DSCF9226-1Like father like daughter!

A Very Special Gift For A Very Special Lady

Good morning everyone!
The weather has warmed here, but there are gales and rain. Yesterday we had a sunny day & the girls were still unable to spend much time outdoor. We had so much rain the day before, 3", that you could dock a boat at the bottom of my steps! I just keep telling my self that warm weather and rain make thing grow & as soon as the sun comes out I am anxious to start in the garden. I hope to have my tomatoes in by mid March this year.
My friend Rebecca gave me quite a surprise this week. She is the lady I watch "Kitty" for. I won't allow her to pay me, so the other night she came by and had a gift certificate to The Inn At Little Washington. This is an Inn and restaurant, one of the top 5 in the world! Absolutely gorgeous & a dream of mine and Chris's to go to. I was astounded!! Her and my friend Lisa have already talked about how they are going to care for the dogs while I am gone. I have never left the 5 girls with anyone and they know this would be a hugh source of anxiety for me. So they are going to stay at the house! I will worry about them the entire time I am gone! I was, as you all say, gobsmacked! My first response, after "thank you" "I can't believe you did this" was "do they take dogs"? I NEVER go anywhere without them.....YIPES!
We had a very smoothe and busy vet day. Lots of new puppies and kittens. I get to love on them all! We had one dog that has serious fear issues, and they only seem interested in meds for the dog.....they definately need Cesar Millan! She is so fearful and anxious, I feel so bad for her.
Wish I had more to tell you. It is a pretty quiet place this time of year. If you care to look and the inn and restaurant it is at


mh-accommodations3-mayors-houseThe late Craig Claiborne of The New York Times called it "the most magnificent inn I've ever seen, in this country or Europe, where I had the most fantastic meal of my life". Patrick's approach to cooking, while paying homage to the lawmakers of Classical French Cuisine, reflects a belief in "the cuisine of today", healthy, eclectic, imaginative, unrestricted by ethnic boundaries and always growing.


Wow Tricia! The dogs will be in good hands with live in nannies go and enjoy yourself! What a fantastic treat, don’t forget the camera we will want to see lots of photos and hear all about the wonderful food.

More From Manchester

DSC_0006 Gene Genie

More from Manchester


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Congratulations to Dorothy!