28 February 2010

The Terrier Group Today at Billingham Synthonia Canine Society Open Show

100_4666 Julie and Whisper Group 4


Billy and Issacc Puppy Group 2

Sunday and we have our weekly report from Tricia on Oracoke Island in the USA.

Hello everyone!
The sun is shining here, the rain has stopped and the wind has died down.  Hopefully winter is wearing itself out.  Great to see the results of the weekend’s shows, congratulations to every one.  It looks like Cruft's is right around the corner.
I have been busy with "kitty sitting" again....2 cats, 2 different locations & both owners away for a month.  It is amazing how much of your day it can take up!  My girls have been thrilled to have an improvement in the weather. Storey_on_deck_steps They have had a chance to be outside and their noses don't leave the ground!  I don't know what goes on in my yard at night, but I am sure they can smell it all & apparently from their behaviour it is A LOT!!  Seems it is time to get to grooming again.  One day I look at them and I think good heavens when did THIS happen....and it is time to start the process.  I am so excited that my little Amelia has developed so much colour!  She was much slower at achieving it than the others.  It used to be easy to pick her out of the pack because she was so light, but no more.  Next week I will be writing my report from my new computer, which is scheduled to arrive on Wed!  I hope I am able to get it set up without too much trouble.  I am severely tech challenged!
I am off the take care of " Punkin & Kitty"...... they may be cats, but they really love people attention & I try to spend a couple hours a day with each of them...some in the morning and some in the evening.  I have managed to read a lot of books doing this! Until next week.  I hope your daffodils and tulips start showing their glorious colours!

Thank you Tricia, how I like the sound of Kitty sitting, just relaxing with kitty in the peace and quiet of a friend’s home, reading a book. Well the daffodils are beginning to pop up now but we have just a handful compared to last year. The very long cold winter seems to have slowed everything down. Looking on the bright side it is March 1st tomorrow and we are definitely heading in the right direction! Do send us a photo of Amelia, the girls  always look so striking when they come into coat.

Stop Press: Billingham Synthonia Canine Society Open Show Results:

Best Of Breed Julie with “Sevray Whisper” and Terrier Group 4

Best Puppy Billy with “Gnejnabay Solo Star Boy” and Puppy Group 2

Congratulations to Julie and Billy, photos from this show tonight.

A special congratulations to Julie as Whisper now has all the points for his Show Certificate Of Merit

The Midland Bedlington Terrier Club Open Show Photos

DSC_0221To view all the winners and exhibitors from yesterday’s show click


Please click HERE to UK Bedlington for the full results

27 February 2010

Today At Easington Peterlee & District Canine Society Open Show 



Biily’s puppy Is Isacc  wins Best Puppy In Breed, Best of Breed and was awarded  Puppy Group 3. Issacc was also second in AV Terrier.

Congratulations to Billy and puppy Issacc who is only 6 months old. What a great start to this young dog’s show career.

Today At The Midland Bedlington Terrier Club Open Show

JUDGE: Mr Colin Powell


Best In Show: Kiernan & Liu Mr P & Mrs D “Bisbee Boy Wonder”


Reserve Best In Show And Best Opposite Sex Mr T & Mrs K C Welsh, “Wudrusjuk Work Of Art”


Best Puppy Mrs D Owen “Bisbee Beachcomber”

A lovely day was enjoyed by everyone congratulations to all the winners. A great big thank you to all the committee, the judge and especially all those in the kitchen who once again served delicious food and kept us well all fed and watered. What a surprise at the break! I want to thank everyone for the birthday card and the cake which I shall tuck into this evening! A very happy birthday as well to Dorothy Owen I will now be joining her on the bus with my new bus pass!

Please tune in tomorrow evening for photos of all the winners and all exhibitors.

Saturday And We Say Hello To Marie In Scotland

ardtreck-sil The picture is of the sunset on my way home from work on Monday

We had a lovely start to the week with sunshine, but it all went pear shaped by Thursday with snow blizzards and very very cold winds. Fortunately its moved south now (probably coming your way!). It will soon be Spring hopefully and surely the cold must end then.

Someone told me there were bedlington puppies for sale in Portree, which I knew was utter nonsense so I emailed the advertiser and sure enough its one of those scams where you pay a delivery agent because the 'puppies' are in Newcastle. I'd love to round up all these scammers and shoot them...(is that a bit extreme?).

Briagha has discovered that she can limbo dance under the gate now and I spotted her trotting along the road yesterday. I think I'll have to fatten her up or put an inflatable jacket on her to keep her in the garden. Marie

The world of the internet seems to have brought out so many  dubious people who try to ran scams! Luckily most of us know the warning signs. I can’t tell you how many  times I have won the lottery or been left a fortune by someone I have never met!  It saddens me to think that these people run scams using  animals as way of targeting the unexpected!.

Once again a fabulous photo, how we all look forward every week to your photos, they are all outstanding!!! 

All The Way From Shanghai

9754046_jpg_thumb 9754056_jpg_thumb 9754096_jpg_thumb

My Bedlington boy travelled from Shanghai and finished the quarantine on 9th Feb!!!!!! He is now spending every happy minute with me and my husband and our other liver beglington “King”. I am soooo happy to have him with me. Chen Li

Thank you Chen Li, it must be lovely to have your bedlington family complete in the UK! We will look forward to meeting Chen Li as she is coming to watch the breed judging at Crufts.

Iris Comes First At Ringcraft !

As some of you may know our son Charles has had a serious accident a few weeks ago, so all of our show plans with Iris have been put on hold. I have however tried to keep up our Ringcraft classes each week, this week was show night and Iris did brilliant. There were 3 puppy classes and Iris came first in her class and then first out of all the puppies, We are so pleased with her performance. And all being well we look forward to seeing you all at the shows that are coming up. Love to all Kerry


Thank you Kerry and a very well done to Iris winning best puppy.

Charles Kerry and Jamie’s little boy Charles has lost the sight in one of his eyes due to an accident at home. He is undergoing treatment at Moorefield’s eye hospital. Our thoughts are with Kerry and the family at this worrying time.

26 February 2010

We Say Goodbye To Jasper,Not a Bedlington But A Very Special Blog Family Member


I type this with a very heavy and empty heart on the 20th February we lost our darling, beautiful Jasper. Misty is totally lost without him he keeps looking in the car for him when I come home. We miss him so very much he was a such a lovely truly devoted special boy who gave all his love right to the very end and I don’t know how I can live without him, I was his world as he was mine. Goodnight God Bless my lovely darling Jasper. Love Linda, Peter, Misty & our beautiful angels Chance & Jasper xxxxx

Hills_21st_Dec_09_(24) Newgate_Bank_24th__Dec_09_(67)

It does not seem that long ago when we said goodbye to “Chance” but now sadly Jasper joins him at Rainbow’s Bridge. It is so sad to lose a much loved family member, he will be so very missed by Misty! Our thoughts are with you at this sad time but his memory and the fun times you had together will live on!

A few more details about the Shaun McAlpine award taking place at Crufts on the Sunday. 

young_achievers_10_450 Last year's winner Linzi Follett with the trophy

The UK’s top young achievers in the dog world are set to be recognised in a special ceremony at the world’s greatest dog show, DFS Crufts, on Sunday March 14th at the NEC in Birmingham.
Nominations have now closed for the Shaun McAlpine Outstanding Young Person Award, the highest level of achievement for the country’s young dog owners. Presented by the Young Kennel Club (YKC), the award acknowledges those young people who have excelled through their involvement with dogs, such as working tirelessly to fund raise or increase awareness for charity, helping to organise dog activities in their area or succeeding in dog showing or training.
The ceremony will include a celebratory parade for young achievers along with their four-legged friends, followed by announcing the winners in each category; 6-11 years, 12-16 years and 17-24 years.The overall winner will be announced live in the Young Kennel Club ring to coincide with the Young Kennel Club’s Silver Jubilee anniversary, which celebrates 25 years of helping young dog lovers learn new skills.
For 25 years, Ed and Cindy McAlpine have presented the Shaun McAlpine Trophy and awards at the event in memory of their son Shaun who was tragically killed in a road accident two weeks after his 22nd birthday in November 1984. The trophy is awarded annually to encourage young dog lovers to become more involved in dog activities, as Shaun himself had achieved considerable success as a dog handler.
Parents, trainers and teachers have been contacting the Young Kennel Club team since the start of the year to nominate young achievers to be applauded for their efforts in the world of dogs.
Caroline Kisko, Communication Director at the Kennel Club, commented: “This award serves to highlight the fantastic way young people and dogs interact to perform such wonderful feats in society. We cannot praise all of our young achievers enough and, in Shaun’s memory, their work will continue to do so much good for so many.”


I thought I would post a few more details about the Shaun McAlpine award.  As most of you know our very own Sarah Collier has been nominated and will be taking part  in the celebratory parade and the announcement of the winners.

If you are going to Crufts on the Sunday you can see Sarah in the YKC ring 11.40 hall 3.


The Breed Notes By Viv Rainsbury

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Dog News: Wales Bans Electric Dog Training Collars Completely

Click HERE

 I would like to see a ban on the use of electric collars in England too!!

West Midland Terrier

IMG_1023 Mark and Dorothy with the judge Mr Roger Bannister

This Weekend’s Open Shows

Irvine & District Canine Club Open Show


Tomorrow from 09:00 to 16:00

Easington Peterlee & District Canine Society Open Show

North Yorkshire Events Centre

The Midland Bedlington Terrier Club Open Show

Canine Academy, Tollerton, Nottingham NG12 4GB

28 February

Cheltenham & District Canine Society Open Show

Bromyard Equestrian Centre, Bromyard HR7 4SR

Billingham Synthonia Canine Society Open Show

Temple Park Leisure Centre, South Shields



Quick girls Carmel's been on the phone, its Midland Bedlington Terrier Club show on Saturday, best get the trophies polished!

Where have the Makem’s been?

!cid_563E1A51-3FCA-4D05-B6FB-9C9F48A06A5C Where's this?? you folk in the souf will probably get it first.  A clue you walk on them.

25 February 2010

Dog News: The Bedlington: Graceful and lithe yet capable of fending for himself by Eileen Geeson

trimClick HERE

Thursday’s Northeast Natter      

Good morning from the northeast and it’s not raining and we go a bit of sunshine for about 10 minutes that is good enough for me. Well the shows are starting back up in the northeast and i think we are showing every week for the next 6 weeks can’t wait will send you a list so if you are about nip in.

I got a telephone call from a friend last night who has a bedlington he is 4 years old and has been ill for about 3 weeks with a bad tummy and being sick she has been to the vets who had informed her that his copper level was off the scale and they would send a test off to confirm it was C T I gave her the bedlington health group web site but could anyone give me anymore advise is the food she could give him to help as her vets didn't even know about CT,  it was only when she spoke about it did he do the blood test.They have no background about the dog and didn't know that she could get him tested. Any advice welcome and I will pass on that is all from me this week good luck if you are showing at midland or any shows enjoy Julie x

Thank you Julie, very sorry to hear about the poorly dog. Although there is lots of information on the Health Group website, I can’t find a contact email where your friend could write for advice. It might be a good idea for the Health Group to have an advice help line. 


Hello Bloggers,  Look I've had another hair cut, looks like I'm going to make my debut soon with the public, hope they like me.  I'll be the bairn among all the older dogs for folk to see at Discover Dogs on the Friday.  So if you have time come up and see me, bring a treat for me and my dad. Dusty Makem

Goodness Dusty those Makems are cruel putting you back on the grooming table but I must say you will steal the show at the Cruts stand!


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Results: From Suffolk Kennel Association Limit Show

Post Graduate
1st. Mrs Y Bannister's Miteymidgets Hawkers Cove BOB, TG1, BIS.
2nd. Mrs J Collier's Pocoblu Concerto BIPB, PG3.
3rd Mrs M. Godden's Makems Honky Tonk Woman
Res. Mr R and Mrs K Button's HarrisClub Flash Harry
1st. Mrs J Collier's Pocoblu Misterioso
2nd. Mrs M Godden's Seaofiron Where Angels Play
3rd. Mrs Y Bannister's MiteyMidgets Matilda
res. Mrs J. Collier's Miteymidgets Cruiser

Judge: Mrs Viv Rainsbury


DSC00362Congratulations to Yvonne and Sarah and many thanks to Martin Collier for the photos and results. The results and photos are late due to the fact the email got lost after it was sent on Sunday.

24 February 2010

Dog News: Stuart Baillie meets Ronnie Irving

Watch Stuart Baillie's recent interview with Kennel Club Chairman Ronnie Irving.   crufts 

Click HERE

Introducing Muffin!



IMG_2475Muffin is Sharon and Norman Ames’s little girl who is 10 weeks old. Muffin will be in the second group of pups entering the show ring this year, making her during the summer.  I just love the bottom photo, maybe a calendar photo entry Sharon! 

A note from Vera

Two bedlingtons quickly becoming mates last week when they went to the seaside.  They bumped into one of Anthony Gormley's iron men, part of his Another Place  construction on Formby beach. Thandi was big pals with Zack who lived  with Vera before he died at the good old age of 14 last year. Thandi is  telling new kid on the block, Poppy, that this iron man met Zack too.


I can remember posting the photo with Thandi and Zac with this iron man  quite a long time ago. It is great that Thandi has a new friend to  play and go walking with.

Wednesday And We Say Hello To Enid In The Welsh Valleys

Hi, bloggers,
Well Tuesday was another snowy day. Solo had a haircut but it took two of us to do it. He is not impressed with looking like a Bedlington. Afterwards he raced around the garden like a wild thing so came in soaking wet! Tim had a good win with Tredomen Dixie at The Terrier Club of Devon and Cornwall. He won BPIB, BOB and 1st AV Puppy. Dixie is the pup in the flowerpot on the April page of the calendar. Tim has a chest infection but is on antibiotics and is hoping to go to MBTC on Saturday. Maureen is still having problems with her medication and she is going to have to try a different painkiller. I hope this one does the trick - she's really fed up being in the house all the time. Paula's car was recovered on top of the mountain on Friday but it is a complete right off. She called the car thieves "scumbags" but much ruder words come into my mind! She has a little run around so will be able to get to Crufts. I'm busy getting the kitchen organised for MBTC and will be making Welsh cakes as usual. I hope Jill will bring one of her chocolate and pear cakes and Sarah makes some muffins - they were absolutely delicious in the last show. No pressure you two!!  I am very lucky with our committee as they all pile in to help. Hope to see lots of you on Saturday at Canine Academy, Tollerton. Remember to bring lots of change - it's so much easier when we don't have to give change for £20 notes. Enid

Soowet Thank you you Enid, well done to Tim with the flowerpot pup “Dixie” and look forward to meeting her on Saturday. Poor Paula I wonder if it was joy riders who stole the car than smashed it? Scumbags is not what I would have called the thieves either! I am sorry to hear Maureen is still in pain hopefully the right medication will be found soon, as you say it must be miserable to be spending so much time feeling unwell and not being able to go out.  Just a couple of days now until the Midland show it will be great to catch up with everyone over with what I am sure will be a delicious lunch.    

23 February 2010

We Catch Up With Londoner “Reg”

Here are 2 photos of South-Londoner Reg (now 4 months old) one surveying the woods and the other chilling out at home. He is doing really well, has settled in brilliantly and is growing up to be a beautiful Bedlington. Have you got any advice, though, for how to get rid of tear-staining, which he seems to get quite a lot of ?DSC00127  Our other dog, Holly the Jack Russell, has never had it. As you may be able to see from the photo, it turns the hair below his eyes pink, although it doesn't seem to cause him any discomfort at all and his eyes both seem fine and healthy. Any tips greatly appreciated !

Thanks the Williams family




Thank you for the update and photos of Reg, he looks a great little character. Reg is four months old and many puppies have tear staining when cutting their adult teeth so I would not worry to much! There are products on the market that help lessen the staining  but it is a slow process and can take several days.   

Marlborough Puts On Classes

Marlborough & District Canine Society on  May 3rd

West Wilts Equestrian Centre, Holt

Junior, Post Grad,Open,

Judge: Chris Harris

Schedules Mrs Ross 01249 813451

First time for Bedlington classes, we need a good entry!

Best Pup In Show

DSC_0003Many congratulations to Chris Harris with “Hattie” Ratzwell Dolly Mixture, who not only won the terrier group out of a big line up at Maidenhead on Saturday but went on to win Best Pup In Show at London Airedale and Fox Terrier on Sunday. These two shows were Hattie’s debut, Hattie is eight months.  What a fantastic start to this pup’s show career!

Morgan And Parsnips!


Maria has started work on Morgan ready for Crufts. She's also been growing vegetables this year. What do you think of the parsnip? Pretty impressive! Enid

Thanks Enid Morgan looks  great and If that parsnip is anything to go by Morgan’s chance of doing well at Crufts is very promising!

Ralphie Has A Weekend Break In The Midlands 



Hope you are all well. We had a busy weekend with Ralphie in the midlands this weekend and I took some photos I thought you might like to see. Ralphie had fun in the snow and we saw the first signs of spring!

Thanks Ed and Bes, can’t wait to see the daffodils, I think they will be late this spring!

22 February 2010

Dog News: Hype, Money and Cornstarch: What It Takes to Win at Westminster

14kennel_CA1-popup-1 Do take time to read this article, the cost of campaigning a dog with advertising and attending at the shows is out of reach to most of us in the UK.

A top-notch campaign can easily cost more than $300,000 a year, and because it takes time to build momentum and a reputation, a typical campaign lasts for two or three years.

Click here

Dog News: Young dog handler preps for Westminster show

morgan_millerClick HERE

Will the Snow Ever Go Away!


Solo is fed up with the snow! Enid

Thanks Enid I think the novelty has definitely worn off, we have only had a dusting thank goodness. The look on Solo’s face says it all!

Introducing Porridge To The Blog


Indroducing Porridge to the blog. Her dad is Ozzie - Mo's dog. Ecco thinks she's wonderful! She lives with Rhubarb, from the Granitor line who is a wonderful worker and very dark, a working spaniel and a very clever dressage competition horse. They live in Wiltshire and we hope to see them at Crufts and the Fun Day.  Enid

Thank you Enid, hello Porridge, welcome to bedlingtonpictures, what a lovely name you have! It looks like you and Ecoo have become  good friends. We will look forward to meeting you in May at the Funday.

Monday And We Say Hello To Victoria

on Monday at obedience we concentrated on making the dogs happy while doing the exercises, Rose reacted really well to this and I will be using a high pitched, excitable voice more often in dog training. On Thursday we took Rose up to ring craft and worked on getting her used to heel without jumping up at me or biting the lead. We gave Rose a lot of goes and by the end of it, she was really good. on Saturday we took Jack and Rose to Maidenhead And District Open show. There were lots of breeds in front of bedlingtons, so we had a long time to chat to each other and get our dogs ready. it was Sarah and George’s new puppies (chief and violet) debut show, and they looked gorgeous. Rose was very good at walking but was a bit wriggly on the table. She got 2nd. well done to Chris Harris with Hattie. Jack behaved very well and got reserve. Well done to Pat with Johnny, who got BOB. I made a few silly handling mistakes as a few minutes before entering the ring with Rose,I split my trousers!!! Sadly on the way home my dad told me that my guinea pig George had passed away that morning. He was 6 years old and we all miss him.

I would like to thank Louise for the chocolates, we collected the box from the show yesterday, what a special treat plenty for the whole family! Our next dog show is Crufts. see you all soon lots of love Victoria, Rose and Jack Bojangles

DSC_0002Thank you Victoria, so sorry about George, six is a very good age for a guinea pig, you must have loved him and taken great care of him! It was lovely to see Rose, how she has changed since the grooming seminar, she is growing into a very pretty young dog. I think we have all at some split our trousers Victoria, you need not have worried as no one noticed! Not long now until Crufts, are you entered in the Good Citizen Class?

Feb 21st London Airedale & Fox Terrier Club Open Show

Does anyone have the results from this show?

21 February 2010

Today At Suffolk Kennel Association Limit Show

Best in Show - Mrs Y Bannister's Miteymidgets Hawkers Cove

23627_105629946130221_100000496489667_144082_7641835_nWonderful news, many congratulations to Yvonne, it is fantastic to see a Bedlington win Best In Show. Photo by kind permission from Martin Collier.

Sunday And We Say Hello Tricia on Oracoke

FINALLY , we have had sun for 2 whole days!  And to add to that it has been a bit warmer 50F.  Still, way too chilly for here, this time of year.  I usually try to get my garden in, in March.  Hopefully today I can get out there and pull up some weeds and turn the soil, and get it ready for planting.  The spring birds have arrived and the trees are full of them in the mornings eating the berries of the cedar, juniper and bayberry trees.  They keep Sam, the cat, very entertained.  The girls are happy to be spending a little move time outside, but rain is expected on Tuesday.  I am once again "kitty sitting", this time for 2 friends.
Greyson seems to have recovered from her gastritis.  Eating well and back to her old self. I, on the other hand, am watching her carefully.  I believe it is  harder on the humans, when the critters are ill, than it is for them.  Congratulations to everyone that has shown this weekend & especially to Sarah for her achievement .  Well done.  I am looking forward to little Asha coming to her home with Les & Jon and all the Paws.  What a fun and exciting life she is going to have!   What fun to watch her grow here on the blog.  I hear you all are having more snow!  We are ALL ready for spring it seems.....EVERYWHERE!!  I think everyone has had a rough winter.  The girls are curled up at my feet here, waiting for us to proceed to the next event of the day....one will get to go with me to feed the cats.  Until next week, stay warm and dry.

Tricia, Greyson, Rose ,Willo ,Amelia  & Storey (My Woofs in Sheeps Clothing)

Baby_Willo_relaxingThank you Tricia, well you are lucky in Oracoke,  we still have very cold weather and once again more snow in parts of the country. Spring seems a long way off this evening. Hopefully in another month we can look forward to some improvement in the weather. Lovely photo of baby Willo, typical bedlington pose laying on her back and legs in the air!  

Let Me Out Of Here

Can't keep this one in.

Late Northeast Natter

Good morning from the Northeast, well the computer is all better now and I am able to send emails. Luckily things are starting to get back to normal in our house only a few more days of Piper in season and it should all be over. Well I had a great time away thank you to Billy for standing in, they say a change is as good as a rest!

Got some great news Wednesday night Billy’s match night as Pie went Res Best In Show little Issac when Res Puppy so Billy is on cloud 100! Well only a short one from me this week good luck if you are showing this weekend good luck and enjoy Julie x




Miss Pie

Thank you Julie, pleased the worm has disappeared and you are back on line. A very well done to Billy, a great result for the Gypcian Team!


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