30 April 2010


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Ash and Parker Relax

Leo And Larry Are Going On Holiday


Going back down to Cornwall in 3 weeks cant wait, just remembering how small Leo was.!!  Pat

Thank you Pat what a lovely photo, puppies grow up all too quickly. Hope the weather is kind on holiday and the dogs can once again enjoy a romp on the beach.

May Day May Day!

Were going over the top in two days time! They are all assessing the terrain in readiness to make the break. A couple of them have already been out on scouting missions despite the risk of not making it back. A case in point 3am this morning, some assistance was required since mum was fast asleep oblivious to the cries "Its cold out here". I have got use to being woken at unearthly hours!!!
We have a 2½ foot high Hexagonal pen as the next challenge for them. This will be brought into action over the weekend. Perhaps this will give us a few weeks before they learn to jump.
Misty's inquisitiveness keeps getting the better of her, forever trying to inspect the troops. This is followed by deep growls from Bonnie, letting everyone know she's in charge of the rascals! Clifford

P43000~1 P43000~2 Thank you Clifford, ah the joys of being a Dad to to these little explorers, still the new pen should keep tem in place for the time being! Misty definitely looks like she is welling to do a bit of baby sitting!.

CRUFTS 2010: Critique From Chris Reaston

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29 April 2010

This Weekend’s Open Shows

May 1st , Romsey And District Canine Society Open Show

Quob Stables Equestrian Centre, Durley Brook Road, Durley, SouthhamptonSO32 2AR

Seaham and District Canine Society, “The Dog House”, Cold Hesledon Industrial Estate, Seaham. SR7 8ST

May 2nd, South Wales Terrier

May 3rd, Marlborough & District Canine Society, West Wilts Equestrian Centre, Holt

Please let me know if you are entered elsewhere

Thursday And We Say Hello To Julie



Good morning from the northeast and short one from me this week as it has been very quite. Good luck to Dusty on Saturday as it is her first show I am showing on Sunday so will let you know the results Julie xx

Thank you Julie and very good luck to our two newcomers Dusty in the Northeast and Solo in Wales who make their debuts in the ring this weekend.


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Fun Day Good Kennel Club Citizen Bronze Tests

The following dogs have booked a place for the test, registration with Carmel 10:30 test 11:30 in the pavilion

Dusty, Rose, Issacc, Morgan, Tazmine, Becky, Youva, Ed, and Ben

There is just one place still available, the maximum of 10 dogs can take the test.  Please email me if you like to go on the list. caineslesley@tiscali.co.uk

28 April 2010

Peter Bakewell’s Critique for the Terrier Group At WELKS

I was honoured to be invited to judge the Group in place of Mr. Pinto Texeria from Portugal who was unable to attend the Show. My thanks go to the committee for their hospitality and a most enjoyable day.

All 15 terriers were present and I was pleased with the standard and quality of the exhibits sent forward by the breed judges. I short listed 6 from the group for further consideration the Bedlington, Border, Norwich, Irish, Staffordshire Bull and the Wire Fox for one final move and the winner of the group was the Wire Fox, Travella Star Lord, a quality soundly made dog of good type, lovely head with dark eye, keen expression, good shoulders and forequarters, good body, short back, strong muscular hindquarter which moved with good driving action

G2 went to Drumbilla Misty Lady a smart well balanced Irish, soundly constructed with good quarters fore and aft. Good head and type, keen expression, good neck flowing into well placed shoulders and level top line, lovely body, well set tail. A sound mover.

G3 was Ch Gnejnabay Genegenie Gal At Lowbrook JW ShCM, a well balanced Bedlington, good outline, good head and ears, correct front, good ribs and body, good muscular hindquarters. Moved very well

G4. Went to the Border Ch Rossula Magic Borderer At Clipstone, a nicely made dog pleasing in outline and overall balance. Good head, dark eye, keen expression, good spanable ribs carried well back, strong loin, good pelt. Moved soundly from good quarters. Good showman.
Peter E. Bakewell Judge.

A New Brother For Misty

pups_12_days_old_26th_April_(13)-1 Here are some photos of Mark's puppies he asked me to send you some as he has no camera at the moment. I didn't want to say anything earlier in case I tempted fate as last year K only had girls but one of the boys is going to be Misty's new little brother. He has been ordered since last year and we were hoping Jasper was going to bring this little man up too as he did such a good job with Misty but this will now fall on little Misty's shoulders. I'm sure he will pass on all his knowledge wisely. Lots of love Linda & Misty xx



Thank you Linda, congratulations to Mark and Jan. How exciting, Misty will love to have a new playmate. I think “M” is mum and two boys and one girl in the litter. Hopefully you will be able to go and visit and watch them grow from week to week. Do you have name for your pup?

Wednesday And We Say Hello To Enid In Wales

Hi, everyone, the weather has been really warm and sunny and we've had field mice in the garden. Fizz is the best at finding their hiding places and she had to have two baths on the Saturday before we left for WELKS because she was digging in the flower beds. Although we unearthed five little mice they all got away. Ecco wasn't far behind and you could not believe how filthy dirty their muzzles and paws were. I think they have all migrated under the shed as they haven't tried digging since we arrived home but are on constant vigil by the shed.


It's Terrier Club of South Wales on Sunday and Solo's first time in the ring so watch this space for fun and games! I'll try and take some pictures. Tim is off to Tenerife on Friday for a week so he will miss the show. It's lucky he didn't go two weeks ago or he would have been caught up in the volcanic ash problem. Maureen has had five out of the twelve radio therapy treatments and we visited yesterday and forgot to take the sheep Stuart sent her for luck so I took it over this afternoon. It is unpleasant treatment but she is very positive. She really appreciated the cards people have sent. The Wallers and Welsh's are fishing at Worchester so they are going to visit Wednesday. I've made some Welsh cakes for them to have with a cup of tea. Good luck to anyone showing over the weekend. Enid

Thank you Enid terriers will be terriers and those poor mice just have to be caught! I must say I do hate it when the dogs stalk the bird nests when they can hear the fledglings. Good luck with Solo on Sunday it is so exciting being his first show, all those dogs, he is bound to think it is a doggie party. Our best wishes go out to Maureen, seeing the Wallers and Welsh’s will cheer her up this afternoon.

27 April 2010

Millie Goes Home For A Wash And Brush Up

Millie12weeks Dirty Dancing came for a visit and a groom on Sunday. She is 12 weeks old now. It is a struggle to groom her, she doesn't like the shaver or the dryer so it took some time to get her done. And on the photo she was still for half a second, hehe :) Best wishes Benny Norway

Thank you Benny how Millie has grown since the last puppy photos you sent to us,  I expect you noticed a big difference! It is always special when the babies come home for a visit. Millie looks lovely not easy clipping a wriggly pup.

Happy birthday Today to Tracey Colley

On speaking to Roy today Tracey is very very stiff after the London  Marathon on Sunday, but hopefully she will feel better after Roy has taken her out for a birthday  lunch today. Enjoy your day  Tracey and many  happy returns from everyone on the blog! 

Fun Day Update! 111111

As you now know the “Top Bedlington” competition has been cancelled due to lack of support, but not all is lost for morning activities as the BTA WILL be putting on extra events in the hall in the morning. I will let you know after the BTA meeting at the weekend what extra events the committee have decided to run

Also from 10:30 in the marquee Peter Kiernan will start his demonstration, a blog auction (starting at £5 for rescue) will take place next week to find the two lucky dogs for to Peter groom in the morning. Two raffle tickets will be drawn lunch time for dogs to be groomed in the afternoon.

I still have two places for the Kennel Club Bronze Good Citizen Test, registration at 10.30 test at 11.30. Carmel will be on hand to run through all the exercises with you beforehand, please email me for details or to book a place.

Frances Fuller from Bedlington Terrier rescue and re-homing will be at the fun day in the morning with her stall. I am hoping that a few bloggers will be able to make a bag of home made dog treats for her stall. Selling home made treats at £1 a bag will certainly raise some extra money!


Come early and enjoy the delicious food as this year the fun day is being catered by the ladies who provide the food at the BTA shows. This is the menu they will be providing and food is being severed all day.

ROLLS & £1.80, bacon,sausages, bacon & egg, ham, roast beef,tuna, smoked salmon, prawn and cheese.

HOT MEALS @ £3.50p cottage pie and salad, jacket potatoes with baked beans, tuna, cheese, chicken curry and rice, Meat Lasagne with a side salad, Turkey & veg pie with side salad.

PUDDINGS ,& £1.20 Bakewell Tart, Apple Crumble, Cheesecake.

There will also be hot and cold drinks, salads, quiches, cakes and biscuits.

Come early and enjoy a breakfast, learn to groom with Peter , watch or have a go at the Bronze Test and take part in extra activities in the hall.

Hello From The The K9 Marshal Crew

Hello Bloggers, Just a little report while we have 5 minutes to ourselves, before it goes mad again. On Saturday The K9 Marshal Crew went on another adventure to a country park  not to far from home where they had sculptures  made of metal. They were well made and impressive so Jazz and Sapphire wanted to show you  one of them.


This Weekend The K9 Marshal Crew will be making a trip to Corbett School in Baschurch on Saturday and then on Sunday we will be at Shawbury Fun Day making our appearance on both days in The Whitchurch Dog Display Team. So with it being May day Bank Holiday Weekend we hope the weather will be kind for us. It will be only a fortnight before we pack our tent and our shorts and head for Brailes for the Fun day so we will see you all there hopefully.  Lol to you all     From The K9 Marshal Crew.

Thank you Ian you certainly get about! We are off on the 8 mile Three Hills Walk which takes place every May bank holiday Monday starting from the village hall at Brailes. It is not an easy walk but the views from the top of the hills are breath taking, especially with all the rape in flower in the valleys. Have a great weekend we will look forward to hearing all about the dog display team. Do hope Carmel had a lovely day yesterday.

26 April 2010

WELKS Championship Show Judged By Mr David TaylorDSC_1096

Click HERE for photos of all the winners and exhibitors

Happy Birthday To You, Happy Birthday To You,

DSC_0236[28] Happy birthday dear Carmel, happy Birthday to you, love from everyone on the blog xxxxx.

WELKS Show Photos Tonight



Breed Notes By Viv Rainsbury

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This Photo Says It All!

Picture_003This is a dream come true for Tracey she has applied several times to take part in the marathon and was excepted this year!

25 April 2010


DSC_1083Genie wins group 3 at WELKS, many congratulations to Stuart and Angela

WELKS Results

BOB: CH  Gnejnabay Gene Genie Gal At Lowbrook JW ShCM



Reserve Bitch CC: Sevray Repique (MR E & MRS V RAINSBURY)

Beat Puppy:  Aireview Classic Print (MR R & MRS P GARBUTT)


Photos from today will be published to the blog tomorrow night



Congratulations, congratulations To Tracey Colley

Who completed the London marathon in just over 5 hours today, Tracey we are all very proud of you.

Please support Tracey with her chosen charity “Children With Leukaemia” or unofficially with Bedlington Rescue And Re-homing

Please make cheques payable to “ Children With Leukaemia” and send to Mrs.T Colley, 29 Gorse Lane, Broomfield, Herne Bay Kent CT6 7BE


“Bedlington Terrier Rescue And Re-homing” please write London Marathon on the reverse side of the cheque and send to Mrs. F Fuller “Waldron” Alltwalis, Carmarthen, Wales SA32 7EA . In due course Frances will write to me with the total Tracey has raised for rescue.

Good afternoon From Tircia On Oracoke!

Sorry I am late with this report.  I woke up to a very dreary day, dark, rainy, need to have the lights on kind of day.  PLUS a late night at work.  We hosted an 85th birthday party for 30 people for a very dear local woman.  It was a lot of fun working it!  THEN, my vet's vet tech that come to my house each month showed up at the restaurant and ended at my house.  The girls were thrilled to have late night company!  They were in heaven with all the petting and people getting down and rolling on the floor with all five of them. Diane, the vet tech, of course LOVES animals and really doesn't get to see my girls on vet day, because they are sequestered in my bedroom, so as not to wreak havoc with all of the other pets.  She just couldn't get enough for them and they had a blast!!  So it ended up nAfter_Isabelot in bed until 3 am.  The rest of the week has been very nice weather and everyone has gotten to spend a lot of time outdoors.  It seems the work in the yard is never ending, everything is growing so fast!!    My friend Rebecca, that bought the lot next door to me has had 6 dump truck loads of sand put down to fill in low spots.  It hasn't been spread yet, so there are mountains of sand & the girls think a play park has been built for them......climbing sand piles, digging holes, running through the sand and becoming little sand magnets......they love it!!  It is fun to watch them try to climb to the top of these huge piles, with the sand slipping under their feet....they get quite a work out getting to the top, and then it only takes a second to jump down & start all over.  I will have to get photos .  Have a great week.....we are off for more adventures today, even in the rain!

Thanks Tricia what fun you and the girls are having. Although dull and rainy I expect it is warm, I just love the warm rain! Do try and get some photos of the girls playing in the sand, they will be very sad once it is all used to fill in the holes! With all the extra fuss I bet they can’t wait for Diane to come for another late night visit!  

Sorry The Skye Report  is late But No Internet Access At The Show ground, we finally  say hello to Marie

I've finally got Briagha's haircut, and she looks much better for it. I'm starting to get organised for my upcoming trip, so the dogs will have to go the vet this week for kennel cough vaccine etc. I'm also going shopping in Inverness this weekend and will start packing my holiday stuff soon. There's so much to remember to do, I should probably make a list and tick things off as I complete them.

I'm sure you are all looking forward to the fun weekend coming up soon. I will be on my way back from the Lake district to Skye as your meet is just beginning. Lets hope we all get favourable weather as it certainly helps. Marie

CodyBriaghaThank you Marie Lovely photo of the dogs! Do hope you enjoyed your shopping trip, it is fun planning for a holiday! The weather has been wonderful this weekend at the show, has summer finally arrived? 

BOB Genie

Well done Stewart and Angie.

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Bedlington Clan Gather

30 mins to go till the off.

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Final Cut!


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Parker checks out the opposition.

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Tracey Colley Victoria’s Mum is running in the marathon on Sunday. Tracey who is very brave (as she has diabetes and holds down a full time job as a nurse) has been training hard over the past few months. Officially Tracey is running For “Children with Leukaemia” and unofficially for “Bedlington Terrier Rescue And Re-homing” . Tracey has already received cash sponsor money which she will divide equally between bedlington rescue and the Leukaemia charity. Please sponsor Tracey, just a little money from the bloggers will make a difference!

Plese make cheques payable to “ Children With Leukaemia” and send to Mrs.T Colley, 29 Gorse Lane, Broomfield, Herne Bay Kent CT6 7BE


“Bedlington Terrier Rescue And Re-homing” please write London Marathon on the reverse side of the cheque and send to Mrs. F Fuller “Waldron” Alltwalis, Carmarthen, Wales SA32 7EA . In due course Frances will write to me with the total Tracey has raised for rescue.

We are all behind you Tracey and will be watching our TV screens and cheering you on, lots of love to you from all your supporters on bedlington pictures.

23 April 2010

WELKS Championship Show

WELKS news and pictures coming soon. Slow news day today we are having internet problems. Normal service to resume shortly.

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Hello Bloggers

The Makems left me in alone today so I thought I would teach them a lesson, pity the camera could not see what’s in the other room He! He!



When the Makems are away the Bedlington will play, looks like you are having fun Dusty!

To Wet To Go Out!

index_001 Larry on holiday too wet to go out!!

Thanks Pat great photo hope the weather did not poil your holiday!

22 April 2010


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Good morning Bloggers

Good morning from the northeast and half way thought my week off work and I am loving the nice weather and being able to spend loads of time with the dogs. They are both enjoying the beach or the park everyday and whisper has a new girlfriend called Poppy a springer spaniel who is the only girl on the beech who can keep up with him. The shows are now in full swing and can’t wait for the outdoor shows to start the Northumberland county show is a must! It is great to see the new babies on the blog keep them photos coming. Well that is all from me this week good luck if you are showing at WELKS and safe journey. The photo is piper doing the standard bedlington pose

april_2010_010Thank you Julie this froglike pose is definitely a favourite for a lot of bedlingtons. I wonder if other breeds do the same?  I can’t believe the glorious weather we are having and it’s forecast to be warm and sunny for WELKS this weekend.

21 April 2010

Mummy's Favourites

They are nine days old and all are healthy and thriving. We are starting to see characters developing, despite their eyes not open yet. The one we have named WC (White Chin) seems to be mummy's boy and is always snuggled close to Bonnie's head.  Since last Thursday Bonnie has started to go for short walks, if only to break the boredom of laying there constantly with them. She dictates how far we go and points in the direction of home when done. Away from the pups she has become more tolerant of our other bitch, 11 year old Misty and does not rush back to the pups as quickly as she did. However if Misty curiosity gets the better of her and she goes too close to the pups, there is a deep growl. This is followed by Bonnie holding Misty's muzzle and pushing her down. This submissive and good natured reaction allows Bonnie to bully poor Misty but they are best of friends. Once they are weaned and more active I am sure Bonnie will be only happy to foster them away.


Pat and I are trying to catch up on lost sleep due to our nightly vigils.
They are bigger now so we guess less chance of Bonnie being clumsy with them. We need our  sleep anyway! Despite this I was awoken at 3am this morning to extract two of the little devils from behind Bonnie’s back making hell of a din. Bonnie was snoring oblivious to the commotion. Fed her puppy food and back to bed. It must get easier?  Clifford Evans


Thank you Clifford, how nice to see the babies, as you now know this puppy rearing is quite stressful and before long you will need eyes in the back of your head as little paws run off in every direction getting into mischief. Still, enjoy them as they soon grow up and leave home. We will look forward to seeing Bonnie’s babies again soon. 

National Dog Show Entry

Does anyone know the Bedlington entry?

Quarterly Registration For The Terrier Group


“M” delivers two boys and a baby girl!

I would have sent you some snaps of our little pups, however, when I went for the camera, I could not find it, then it dawned, the last time we had it it was in the Motor home, another item that was stolen.

The pups & mum ('M') are doing great, 2 boys & a girl. The other dogs are desperate to see them! I had a lovely walk on our local beach for a couple of hours on Saturday morning with Derek Lewis & 3 of his dogs, the weather was excellent. Jan & I went down the beach again on the night, with some of the dogs. To our surprise it was like a bedlington terrier reunion! There was a lady with 3 bedlingtons, who lived about 5 mile away, the last bedlington she had got only a couple of weeks ago, she bought it off gypsies at South Bank? (anyone missing a bedlington), it was a young dog about a year old. Then we met a young couple with a  young bitch bedlington, very friendly & in wonderful jacket. After our natterings, we enjoyed fish & chips on the promenade, before having a couple of miles walk to burn off the feast!  Hope the nice weather stays, it is however still very cold on a night. We are away to Malvern for a few days away, wonder if we will bump into any bedlingtons there?

Thank you Mark congratulations on the babies. This is a great time of the year for pups, once on their feet they will be able to spend lots of time playing out side. There are a lot of bedlingtons up north compared to down south, also generally I think the breed is becoming more popular among pet owners. Safe trip down to Malvern the weather forecast is good!     

Hello From Donna

Day off today, I’ve been stuck in this morning waiting for a big dog shampoo delivery. as usual the poor dogs will be used as guinea pigs to test out new products! they certainly know they are going to be washed and don’t look to pleased. Donna W.

natterrier_011 Thank you Donna, Stuey is thinking how come he is first in the line up!

20 April 2010

Tom Leavers

I don't know how many of your bloggers will know Tom Leavers, but you may think it useful to put on a note that, sadly, Tom died this morning, after a second courageous battle with cancer.  Tom was a very useful member of the BTA Committee for many years, and had previously judged their Open Show.  He was always a perfect gentleman, helpful and kind to newcomers, and sympathy goes to his family. The information came from Paul Ellis, husband of Madeleine - Tom had stayed in touch with Madeleine, after both of them stopped showing. Thanks, Viv xxx

Thank you Viv our sincere condolences go out to Tom and his family. He will be sadly missed by all those who knew Tom through his love and commitment to the Bedlington.


It is with great regret that the Bedlington Terrier Association has had to cancel the ‘Top Bedlingtons of the Year Competition’ on the morning of Sunday May 16th 2010 due to a lack of interest in the event. However, the Committee would like to welcome everyone to all the other activities at the Fun Day which will have something for everyone.

Thanks Jacqui Hurley Secretary BTA

Please Note there will still be a KC bronze Good Citizen Test In the morning, registration 10:30am test 11:30am. Two places still available please, email me if you would like to take the test or for more information.

The grooming demonstration will also take place as advertised starting at 10.30am. Bid in the rescue auction next month for a chance to have your dog groomed by Peter Kiernan. Everyone is welcome to come and watch and ask questions.

Catch Up From Karen

Hi everyone hope this nice weather is perking you all up, we have just come back from Flambrough where we spent the week in a caravan, the day time was lovely but at night it was freezing, we took all three dogs with us because the caravan had a nice big veranda for the dogs to lounge about on, but we had only been there a short time when they escaped through the wooden lattes, eventually we rounded them up and ended up not being able to take our eyes off of them while they were outside, (hard work).   Mouse has just come into her first season, and Ashia is due her first litter of pups in two weeks, can't wait for them to arrive, so for now there will be no more showing, but I will try and get to some local show's to watch, good luck to all who are showing tho,  regards  Karen Hoaksey

Thank you Karen pleased you had a good time away, bedlingtons are definitely little escape artists. I have put a bell on on Asha's collar so I can hear her in the garden, we have a very big garden with lots of bushes and it is difficult to know where she is when outside! Good luck with the litter an exciting time, do keep us informed and we will look forward to lots of puppy photos.   


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Sapphire Pass Me My Goggles And Mask!

After yet another busy weekend, we are glad to put our feet up! On Saturday I borrowed a friend’s trailer to carry a full load of papers, old blankets and some old dog beds over to a rescue kennels about 40 minutes drive from home, where they were happy to receive them. On our way home I took little Jazz and Sapphire for their daily walk down the canal, by the time we got home both dogs just had enough energy to eat their tea's. On Sunday I took the dogs  with me to Sleap Airfield to see a friend and his plane, not only did they have planes taking off and landing but at the edge of the airfield model planes were taking to to the sky. We went to have a cuppa tea and a cream cake each at the cafe below the tower. The air ambulance, came in to land and refuelled.  Little Jazz and Sapphire never battered an eye nether were they scared of the noise of the aircraft, they were as  good as gold and while they tucked into their cream cakes they watched all the  planes going up and down the runway. We are thinking of going into partnership with our own plane and calling ourselves "BEDLINGTON AIRWAYS"  so we could fly the flag

!cid_A06D583E8C19453591C6F87E9CFDFB80@alexPCThank you Ian Jazz and Sapphire certainly have a very full and interesting life. They must be the best socialised dogs in Cheshire!  Obviously the volcanic ash did not stop small aircraft from flying at lower levels.  Life must be fantastic in this glorious weather for those living near the runways at Heathrow or any of our main airports, but how frustrating and probably costly for those who are stranded overseas.

19 April 2010

Bisbee Boy Wonder Is Best In Show Yesterday

DSC_0890Click HERE for the BTA Open Show photos. Unfortunately Jon’s camera ran out of battery power and he was only able to get shots of the dogs and a few of the winners at the end!

Whisper & Issacc

100_4746 After their group 2 placing yesterday

Monday And We Say Hello To Victoria

We didn't go to any classes with Jack and Rose this week. We got Rose ready for the BTA open show on Friday and Saturday. We decided not to take Jack to the show as he has been worrying about Rose on her season and has lost a lot of weight due to nervous energy. On Sunday we went to the BTA Open Show. The roads on the way there were very clear as no one was going to Gatwick or Heathrow airports due to the ash cloud.
When we got there Sonny played with Charles Joe and Lucia Zanelli and had lots of fun. Rose was in minor puppy bitch, puppy bitch and junior bitch. 
I took Rose round the ring before the show started,to get her used to the ring. She played up for me and kept looking at my dad and bouncing about. Rose was the only one in minor puppy bitch and got first. She behaved much better in there than before the show and I was very glad that I took her in to have a practice. In puppy bitch Rose got first! She stood quite well,but was quite nervous about the dogs behind her so we will have to practice standing on the floor a bit more at ring craft. In junior bitch Rose got 2nd! Well done to Dorothy Owen with Bisbee Belle Inni who got 1st, then went on to get Reserve best In Show. Rose got best puppy bitch and then went on to get Best Puppy In show! I also handled Poppy (Rose's mum) and Chokko (Rose's dad) in limit bitch and breeders dog or bitch.
Well done every one, all the dogs were turned out beautifully,as usual. There was a really nice atmosphere at ringside and it was great to catch up with people.


Her smile says it all 

London Marathon update

My mum has trained very hard for the London marathon which on next Sunday. We are all wishing her well as she has been looking forward to this for a long time. My mum would like to thank everybody who has made donations. She is just hoping to finish and enjoy her day. see you all soon. Lots of love Victoria Jack and Rose

Thank you Victoria, and very well done to you and Rose for Best Puppy   yesterday, I think you are going to have to find a very large space to display those trophies, many congratulations!

It is so exciting to have Tracey running in the Marathon on Sunday. Tracey is running officially for Leukaemia and Bedlington Rescue  on the blog. If you would like to sponsor Tracey I will give details later where donations can to be sent.

18 April 2010

Today At The BTA Open Show (Judge Mrs Ella Eva)

Best In Show

DSC_0900 Peter Kiernan With Bisbee Boy Wonder

DSC_0903Reserve Best In Show Dorothy Owen with Bisbee Belle Inni

DSC_0906 Best Puppy Victoria Colley with Gnejnabay Maltese Magic

Reserve Best Bitch Lyn Wynstanley Catchfraze Flirty Girty

Reserve Best Dog Lesley with Burmington And Me Too

Reserve Best Puppy Tim Bouse with Tredomen Dixie

Congratulations to all the winners, unfortunately Jon’s battery ran out and he forgot to bring a spare but he did keep a couple of shots for the end. We have photos of all the dog classes and will publish them to the blog as soon as we can

Sunderland And District Canine Society

Best Of Breed: Sevray Whisper

Best Puppy In Breed: Solo Starboy

Group 2 Whisper..........8 in the group

Puppy Group 2 Issacc……..6 in the group

Just us two there today,but had a great time doing the group Billy

Fantastic news great group placings well done Billy and Julie

Sunday And I wonder What has Been Happening On Oroacke Island?

Good morning everyone,
What has been a brilliant week in the weather department, today, has turned cloudy and chilly. The girls and I have been busy working in the garden and planting flowers....so far so good, Storey has not eaten any of them. The Cilantro is up on the railing of the deck, as last year she ate all the leaves off and left me only stems!! The funny thing is that she never tries to go into the vegetable garden, she completely ignores it. Aside from the garden and trying to grow grass, we have just been spending mornings on the deck in the glorious sunshine reading. I am reading 2 wonderful books...Animals in Translation, by Temple Grandin and Animals Make Us Human, by the same author. She is an amazingly brilliant autistic woman who has a gift with animals. If anyone has a chance they should read her books, she will astound you with her insight and make you look at you pets differently.
I am off to clean up the morning feed pans and hopefully start the grooming regime...I am having a hard time getting going on that! Have a good week everyone.... Tricia, Greyson, Rose ,Willo ,Amelia & Storey (My Woofs in Sheeps Clothing)

Thank you Tricia, it has absolutely beautiful today in the UK, not a cloud in the sky just a very light breeze and oodles of warm sunshine! I wonder if any other bloggers have read the books written by Temple Grandin? These sounds like books not to be missed. Lucky Storey has not eaten you veg plants,Parker decided to water the mint in my new herb garden and now it really is now in a sorry way!

Now Let Me See!!!


Carmel and Ian sent this photo to me of Brian in his apron. He seems to be studying what looks to be some instructions.!!!!!!

Just for fun what do you think Brian is doing in this photo?

9 Grooming Video Clips


How to groom the Belly, ears, body neck head and tail. Also how to clip the nails clean the teeth and ears.

Click HERE