31 January 2011

Cushings Syndrome


Cushings Report Click HERE

Cushing's syndrome is a chronic illness that can affect your dog.  Diseases in elderly animals are not uncommon but the older a dog gets the more  susceptible it is to disease. One of the most commonly diagnosed endocrine disorders in dogs is hyperadrenocorticism, also known as Cushing’s syndrome. Some of the signs seen in dogs with Cushing’s syndrome can be mistaken as just being due to old age, when they are in fact due to illness. Usually seen in middle aged to older dogs, and with smaller breeds more commonly affected. Cushings is a complex disease that is not easy to diagnose and that can readily be confused with other conditions presenting similar symptoms.

Many of us have veteran and re-homed bedlingtons and we all  need to recognise the symptoms for Cushings.  Also please visit the Bedlington Health Group Website ( Link in the index column) for a leaflet on Cushings Syndrome.

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