12 January 2011

Happy Birthday To You


Many Happy Returns Mary from all your friends on the blog. Hope you are being  spoilt and are having a lovely day!


bill said...

Happy Birthday Mary,enjoy the big one

k9 said...

Happy Birthday Mary
Jazz and Sapphire seid you dont look a day over 40. Hope Nigel is spoiling you lol The K9 Marshal Crew

J&T said...

Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday dear Mary. Happy Birthday to you !
Trevor & Jane xxx


Hope you had a nice family gathering for your 00 birthday and that it was not tooooo wet. LOL

The Makems

Mary said...

Thank you! My sister in law put this in her card:

There was an old girl called Mary
Whose hair was wild and lary
She's still rather nifty
Even though she is sixty
But it's bus passes and pensions to be thrifty

She had two little lambs cute and hairy
To Crufts they went with Mary
But now Mary's older
And her girls are much bolder
They'll be leading her round the arena!!

Ha ha!!!

enid said...

Happy Birthday to you!