16 January 2011

Hello From Tricia & The Woofs On Oracoke

Hello everyone!
We have sunshine today and a little bit of warmth, FINALLY!!  We had kind of a busy week....all of the girls got the "spa treatment", bath, blow dry and haircut.  Washed all of their collars, so they are bright and colourful.  I was busy working out the details of getting the English Setter, Lucky, we found here to his new home in South Carolina.  He was in his new home Thursday night.  Angela and Mark are thrilled with him!!  Angela had to go into work for a few hours Friday morning, she she came home she found him snoring and sound asleep in her bed!  She said he didn't even hear her come in!  They live on a farm with several acres of land, so he will be going on plenty of hikes.  He has an appointment at the groomers and at the vet.   My girls got to meet him on Wednesday afternoon, before he left the island, and he was not phased at all by them.  Somebody spent time with this guy....he was extremely well mannered & walked without a leash and never wandered away.  I am so happy we got him to Mark and Angela.
Until next week, stay warm and dry and keep thinking of spring!

Thank you Tricia, reading between the lines “Lucky” was well looked after and probably much loved. There must have been something devasting in the family  for his owners to have to  abandon him! Maybe they brought him to the Island  hoping he would find a loving new home and not go into rescue. So pleased he has settled with Angela and family maybe you could ask them for a photo we would love meet “Lucky”. 


Trish said...

Angela said she would send photos after Lucky has had his trip to the groomers....I am looking forward to it too!

enid said...

That looks like a very happy ending.

Tina W said...

He sounds like a lovely, well balanced dog..... unlike his old owners-I still can't understand their mentality!!