22 January 2011

Ian Catches Up With Margaret

Hi all,
We have met up with Margaret on the last but two days of her sponsored walk with her two dogs down the towpaths of the canals into Ellesmere. We walked 8.5 miles with her to give her a bit of company. While walking along little Jazz and Sapphire played with Margaret's dogs.,She is feeling ok and is doing well as like are her dogs. Today Saturday she goes from Ellesmere to Chirk. Then on Sunday the final leg from Chirk to Llangollen stopping off at a pub for dinner and hopefully meeting up with some supporters and finishing off at the Llangollen Wharf for 3pm. If you go to The Great Towpath Dog Walk web site. have a look at the gallery of the Llangollen pictures you will see Jazz and Sapphires picture on there.

Margaret did say starting the walk back in early November she (and dogs) have so far collected £9,000 for leukaemia with a lot more to collect and receive. For our friends on the blog who may have donated some money to her she has said a BIG THANK YOU to you all.  Tomorrow and Sunday we will be getting some photo's to share of her success in completing the epic 500 mile walk. Thank you from Ian, Jazz and little Sapphire


The sunniest spot in the house!

Thank you Ian what a fantastic lady Margaret is, she will have completed the 500 miles in some of the worst weather ever recorded in the UK. Through you we have been able to  following her route on the blog and we will look forward to seeing her and the dogs celebrating their success. 

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bill said...

have you got sunny spots,the weather is still horrible up north