18 January 2011

The K9 Marshal Crew Report

Hello all
Well after a busy week and weekend of lots of nice adventures for Jazz and Sapphire we heard from Margaret who is coming back towards Ellesmere this week on the final home run on her 500 mile sponsored walk.  When we meet up with Margaret I'll get some photos for you all to see.
On Saturday we met up with Billy at the N E C were we hade a great time looking around the show. By the time I got home I got attacked by Jazz and Sapphire, they wanted to know what I got them like a MG Metro 6R4 rally car or a 4x4 Land Rover or even a nice posh Winnebago for when we go marshalling or to the fun day. If you ask me I think Jazz and Sapphire are posers on the quiet!  I did see a pair of nice racing overalls that would fit them and a V W pick up that was a Dragster that they could use, it was just the right size for them too.



On Sunday Billy did say that his legs felt like lead after the show (I must admit that we did walk 6 miles around the show) I was wearing my pedometer! 

Thank you Ian I bet you and Billy had a fantastic day out, two big boys playing with even bigger toys!!! We shall look forward to seeing you with Margaret on her final stages of her sponsored walk.

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