09 January 2011

“Lucky” Abandoned On Oracoke!

Hello everyone,
Sorry this is so late today.  Since yesterday afternoon, I have been helping a friend locate the owner of an English Setter that followed her home from her walk.  We notified the deputies, called all the rental agencies, all the businesses, posted on Facebook....and no one has come forward to claim this dog.  He is not from anyone who lives here on the island.  As it is duck hunting season, it makes sense to have a bird dog with you if you are here to hunt.  The dog had 2 tags on him, but 3 tag hooks....one tag had his name Lucky, and date of birth 2004.  The other tag said "GREAT DOG, good with adults not compatible w/ children under 12.  No way to trace his owner.  We believe he was abandoned by his owners.....the lady that has him now, says he is in good shape, not scraggly, well trained and well mannered & if she could have pets where she rents, she would keep him.   Now the good news.  I talked to my friend Angela, that had 12 of the rescue bedlingtons from the Tennessee rescue.....she was Storey's foster Mum.  After my friend posted the dogs photo on Facebook and she saw him, she called me and said she would take him!!  She is now in Greenville SC.  What a stroke of luck, the lady that has him is going to Atlanta GA. this week & has to drive right by Greenville SC.!!  So, I gave her Angela's phone number to get in touch with her to arrange a day and time to drop him off.  Angela is so excited she has told me that is going out the buy a bed, a food stand and fancy bowls for her special guy and she can't wait to get him......she got me a rescue and now I have gotten her one.    I can't believe how this has worked out.  Angela said the first thing she is going to do when she gets Lucky is take him to the vet and see if he is chipped......then (if he is) she is going to write these people a letter and give them hell!!!   Can you imagine, planning on leaving your dog behind......getting a tag specially made to put on his collar, knowing full well what you were going to do.  Take him to and island, where he can never find his way back home.   People here are so kind and caring when it comes to animals.  I hope this all goes as planned.....if not I will deliver him myself!!   Here is hoping Lucky will be happier when he is going, than where he was. Tricia, Greyson, Rose ,Willo ,Amelia  & Storey (My Woofs in Sheeps Clothing)

Goodness Tricia  it is just unbelievable what some people can do! I can’t imagine how can anyone abandon a 6 year old family pet!  At least “Lucky” is in good shape apart from feeling very lost and probably  frightened. Thank goodness all’s well that ends well and “Lucky” can live out his days being spoilt in his forever new home with Angela.  I love a happy ending!


ed and rebecca said...

Lucky Lucky to have found new friends so quicklyx

enid said...

Lucky was very lucky to find you!
I can't believe people would do such a thing to their pet and it was so obviously planned. Thank goodness for Angela.

Tina W said...

I saw your appeal on FB and sooo glad that you've found him a new home... the people that abandoned him need horse whipping!!

Trish said...

Angela said the first thing she is going to do is to take him to her vet to check to see if he is chipped. If he is, she will raise holy hell with the owners. She has been doing rescue forever.....she had 12 of the bedlingtons rescued in Tennessee, she was Storey's foster Mum.