29 January 2011

Margaret Completes 500 Mile Walk For Leukaemia


Hello all
Well what a week, we met up with Margret and her two dogs (they are called Menna who is the black and tan dog and Ziggy who is the white and black dog) on the last 3 days of her epic sponsored walk. We walked a fair distance with her and kept her company while the dogs played together. On her last day of the walk from Chirk to Llangollen we parked the car in Llangollen and walked back towards Trevor and Chirk to meet up with Margret. We then walked back to the car in Llangollen and the finishing line. About half way back there was some more people waiting to join Margret and walk to Llangollen. We all stopped at a pub to have lunch and a rest before the final 2 miles. The atmosphere was jolly and when we got to the finish line we all cheered and took some photos. On Sunday night I was checking Margaret's web site and the link to her Face Book page, I wanted to leave a little message of congratulations on finishing her long walk and she returned a  message  to say thank you for our support and taking time to for walk with her! she also said that her dogs enjoyed the company of Jazz and Sapphire too.

If you go to THE GREAT TOWPATH DOG WALK site and have a look at the Gallery page you will see the photos that she took on the walk. On the Llangollen page their is a picture of the K9 Marshal Crew on a very wet and cold towpath. Here are some pictures of Margret, Menna and Ziggy pups. Bye Bye for now Ian, Jazz and Sapphire


Congratulations to Margaret Ziggy and Menna, a very long way to walk in some of the coldest weather recorded! Margaret’s stammina and determination has helped to raise a lot of money that will go to help those suffering from Leukaemia.


Tina W said...

Well done to Margaret and canine crew

Trish said...

Bravo and congratulations! What a wonderful achievement!