25 January 2011

Marikov Bubba Bob O'Gipcyan

Hi Everyone,


Bubba, Billy & Molly's lone puppy from their first litter came for a visit with granny and the family for a couple of days and for a haircut.  Thought I would send you these pics and see what you thought.


His owner would like to have me show him.  I would like some feedback from my friends from across the pond, as to what they think of him at this time.  He will be 2 years in March.   I don't want to hear, "AWWW, he is a cute boy."   I would like for some of you English breeders to give me some honest opinions of what you can see.


(Grooming don't count!!!)  I can tell you that he does have a great mouthful of huge teeth, properly aligned and he has a nice springy gate at a gentle trot.  He does have a bit more cheek than I would prefer, but not so bad that I cannot cover it with grooming.  That is about what I can tell you.  Now, lets hear what you might have to tell me.  Thank you for your input. Hugs, Mary Lou


Thank you Mary Lou, he certainly looks a lovely dog in the photos, but a judge would have to go over him and see him move before coming to a proper decision. It is lovely to see a prospective show dog in a shorter British show trim!  We will be keeping everything crossed for his success if you decide to show him.


k9 said...


Your boy looks balanced and would seem to have a good topline, good sized head masculine looks, tail setting looks o.k. but tail carriage is a little high in some of the photos, I know that perhaps for you there may be no local shows, but get the coat in show trim and have a go! and what ever you do "do your own thing" listen to the comments but chew them over slowly. Good Luck!

Mary Lou said...

Thank you for your input. That is all I am wanting. After 26 years of breeding my own stock, this new English outcross is something to make me think again, not knowing what I might get with each litter. And, I appreciate all of your input, to guide me in areas to keep an eye on.
And, I do take all comments and use them with my own ideas to make the changes I want, to perfect what I have. I hope to hear more comments from a few of the English breeders. Then, I can take it all and put it together for future reference. Thank you soooo much.

Mary Lou & The Gang

Tina W said...

Hi Mary Lou-he looks a nice dog with deep chest and his legs appear longer than some of the American bred dogs.

Mary Lou said...

Hi Tina,
Thank you. You have just stated 9one of my reasons for importing my Billy Bob to the USA. I was losing length of leg and not getting as good of toplines as I wanted. To me, breeding is about tradeoff's, to get or keep what you feel is close to perfection. Of course, I can see a nice combination of my own lines and the English lines in all of the puppies from this cross, to be quite thrilled. The only thing I did not get was better tail carriage.(G) since you all show your dogs more sedately, I assumed that your tail carriages were better than mine. Needless to say, Billy Bob carries his tail the same as my Molly. But, I have gotten them trained to keep them below back level in the ring.
Thanks again.
Please keep the ideas coming. This is a learning experience for me, even after breeding for so many years.

Mary Lou & The Gang

Tina W said...

unfortunately tail carraige is a problem over here-we see a lot of gay tails-although correct tail set.

Mary Lou said...

The same is true here also. As I said, that was one of the things I was hoping to correct. But, that didn't happen. But, I am still VERY happy with the offspring I am getting from this cross. I have improved on a couple of things. So, I just have to keep working on the tail carriage! (G) If I live long enough, I might get PERFECTION! But, I doubt it. Mother Nature is a terrible task master!!!!!

Mary Lou & The Gang