22 January 2011

Maurice Is 10 Today!




Apparently no pork pie for Maurice as he is Jewish, Just chicken from the cheap counter at Tesco! A very happy birthday to Maurice especially from Our Diesel and everyone on the blog.


Agathasmum Louise said...

Happy Birthday Maurice!!

k9 said...

Happy Birthday Maurice
We hope you have a nice day
from Ian, Jazz and little Sapphire pups aka The K9 Marshal Crew

Kath said...

Just came over from Al's Blog to wish Maurice a Happy Birthday, from Ellie and Roobarb (Bedlington lurchers).

Tina W said...

Happy Birthday Maurice!

enid said...

Sorry I'm late but "Happy Birthday!" love from Larry and the gang.

Kathy Alders said...

me too Sorry!
Happy Belated Birthday wishes to you Maurice xxx