04 January 2011

Midland Musings From Jane


Happy 2011 to all. I hope you had enjoyable and restful Christmas  celebrations. I am delighted to say we did manage to leave the arctic Midlands for the more temperate climate of the east coast and the beloved Southwold. I wonder if Karen made it down from Yorkshire to Suffolk? Though the weather was definitely milder it was still rather strange to find frozen sand and a dusting of snow on the beach! Maya and Stella seemed delighted to be back in the cottage, we rent the same one each visit so it’s home from home as far as thay’re concerned. That said Stella was rather taken by doting granny,s new bungalow and I think would have taken up residence, given the chance. As I usually have to work over the Christmas period this was a very special occasion for us. To make it extra special we went to our favourite restaurant Coasters for Christmas lunch, it was wonderful and yes we did leave with a doggy bag for the girls! On Boxing Day we visited my sisters for lunch, sadly the girls couldn’t join us, due her having a very large black cat Louis, who I don,t think would have made them welcome lol!


Our New Year celebrations were a far more subdued affair, though I am proud to say I did keep Trevor awake to see 2011 in, ( ok he was asleep by 3 minutes past midnight!) For many family and friends the last 12 months has not been without troubles and sadness so I can only hope this year will be better in many respects. We have said "goodbye" to 2 of our much loved bedlington family, both of which are sorely missed. But we hope to hear the patter of tiny paws later this year and look forward to the joy it will bring.  So till the next time best wishes and here,s to a very bright New Jane xxx 

Thank you Jane, Southwold looks lovely if rather bleak and cold. After a very sad year I am pleased you had a really nice Christmas break visiting family and enjoying your second home. I think Southwold is the real home for you and Trevor, maybe one day you can move down permanently. The patter or tiny paws round the Graham household is something to look forward to and an exciting prospect for 2011.


karen said...

Hi Jane glad you got there ok, we got down ok and found it a lot warmer than here, sadly we didnt manage to get to southwold but the dogs went to kessingland beach a few times instead, good luck with your newyear babies we are expecting some next week can't wait x

carol said...

Sorry I missed you! Catch up with you next time!!

Donna said...

Ive never thought of frozen sand, i dont go to beaches often enough lol.
We have had some more snow this morning grrrr. Happy new year to you all xx

enid said...

So pleased you made it and had a good time with your Mum.