18 January 2011

Midland Musings From Jane


Hi all, it’s a very quiet time of year for us with not a lot going on. Thankfully the weather has improved, indeed yesterday was beautiful, almost spring like. The girls thoroughly enjoyed their walk and seemed to have a bounce in their step. Our new village hall,( the photo was taken a month ago) is now completed and opened and very impressive it is too! I wonder if anyone will request to hold a dog show there? It really would be our local lol!!!!


‘We are already planning our next trip to Southwold but it isn’t for a little while yet. We hope to be going to Crufts beforehand, a great chance to meet up with friends and catch up on the doggy news. Oh and I mustn't forget the shopping! The picture is from our autumn trip to the sea as you can see the weather was lovely. Sadly Maya and Stella have to be kept on expandable leads while there as the lure of the numerous rabbits in the sand dunes would be just too much and we would never see the again.   That's all for now. Wishing one and all a very happy and prosperous 2011. Jane xxx   

Thank you Jane I love the beach photo, it certainly looks very cold. You certainly have a very impressive new village hall, ours in Cherington  is just like a large old wooden shed, unfortunately  there is not enough money as yet  to replace it.  I hire it for dog training and it only costs £3 a hour to hire and just £4 with the overhead heaters! I expect once replaced it will be a lot more money.  


Sally said...

Jane where is the village hall and do you have contact details it looks like it could be a perfect venue for my puppy classes ; )


Tina W said...

My dogs would be gone too Jane they get selective deafness!!

J&T said...

Yes Tina, we learnt the hard way many years ago with Delphi our first beddlie. She did a rabbit runner in Southwold! Hi Sally, the new hall is in our village Cookley. As it is so new I don,t know how they would feel about dogs as customers but I could ask Joe who runs it for you?
Jane xxx

Sally said...

That would be great if you don't mind Jane it's hard trying to find a venue though that will take puppies so I do understand if it's a no ; )

Sally x