25 January 2011

Midland Musings From Our Jane

Hi Folks
It has been a rather bizarre few days here in the wilds of Worcestershire! I arrived at work in the small hours of Sunday to be asked by Stacey, our cleaner , recently renamed as Skylhar, born of her belief in witchcraft, if I had seen the lion. Thinking this was something to do with her supernatural tendencies, (or even an over-indulgence in " The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe"), I laughed and said "no I hadn't been so lucky!" "Oh no" she replied, a lion was on the loose in the village , indeed it had been sighted on various occasions! Naturally I presumed it had escaped from the Safari Park, "No" I was told they had no lions missing, I imagine they had taken the register to be sure. Leo, "here Sir", all present and correct. Then she asked had I not heard all the police helicopters overhead for the past couple of days, come to think of it I had!!!! Suddenly I started to think about my walks in the woods with girls, how safe were we, were we being watched? When I arrived home I told Trevor the news and he told me he had seen some mighty big paw prints on the towpath that morning. Being the old cynic I undoubtedly am, I feel sure it’s no more than an urban myth, given legs,   but it has caused us quite some amusement none the less!

I still have no answer as to whether dogs will be allowed in our new village hall. I have been assured it will be brought up at the next committee meeting, so will let you know when the decision is taken. Maya and Stella seem to be quite content belonging to a far smaller pack and I have to confess they are much more spoilt being just two. It has allowed me to remove the crates in the kitchen and regain some of our living space. We were so sorry to hear about Marks son,Stuart and hope he makes a full recovery very soon.  Till the next time, keep your bedlingtons safe and don,t let the lions bite!!!!!!!!!!!  Jane


Thank you Jane the story of the lion must have put some excitement into an early Sunday morning work shift! Stacey must be a very interesting lady to talk to. I have to laugh at Trevor’s comments he wasn’t going to let the rumour die!
One a very positive note Mark is travelling down to London today to visit Stuart who is now much better and on the road to recovery. Stuart has been desperately ill and I expect there will lots of celebrating when he finally comes home. Everyone in bedlington land will relieved to hear the good news!


J&T said...

Great news about Stuart. Mark, Jan & family must be so relieved.
I had an e-mail from someone yesterday trying to contact Bernadette McManus, has anyone been in touch with her recently and have her current details?
Jane xxx

Sally said...

thank you for asking about the village hall Jane its much appreciated : )


Mary said...

So pleased to hear about Mark's son I do hope things go well.