19 January 2011

News From The Welsh Valleys

Good morning Bloggers. A few of us from the Midland committee had a guided tour around the Kennel Club Buildings at Stoneleigh Park last week. We are looking for a venues for our Golden Anniversary Show which will be in 2014. We hope to see many of our friends from around the world there as we did for our Ruby Show. There is a Hotel nearby and camping on site so it is a possibility to put forward to committee. It seems a long way off but we have to forward plan!


Solo is getting to the naughty running away stage. He did a runner across the mountain on Tuesday morning but Ecco and I just waited and he came back looking for us. It's difficult to know whether to reward him for coming back or reprimand  him for running away. i gave him a treat for coming back. The area he was in is quite safe with no traffic but there are ponies about sometimes. Your opinions would be welcome.
I'm going to a flower arranging class this afternoon for the first time. I'll post my efforts for you to have a good laugh! It will be nice to do something that is not dog related. Good luck to everyone showing at Manchester. Enid

Thank you Enid, hope you enjoy your flower arranging class, flower arranging  is a  very creative and relaxing pastime, hope you are going to show us your arrangement. The Kennel Club buildings would be an ideal venue for your anniversary show,  Warwick is very central and the buildings designed for dog events.


Tina W said...

Looking forward to seeing your creation!!

J&T said...

Good luck with the flower arranging Enid, something I,ve always fancied having a go at.
Jane xxx

Polly said...

Good luck with the flower arranging - just have fun, I'm sure your creation will be lovely.

Regarding Solo, if you reprimand him for running away when he comes back then he'll remember it and think it was for coming back. A reward should keep him coming to you. At this age I take them out hungry, and have lots of their favourite smelly treats in my pocket so they really want to come back. Once the treats are gone it's back on the lead.