30 January 2011

Seaside Visit For Hester and Ralphie


Ralphie and Hester have been "Down to Margate".They visited the lifeboat stationed on the beach and then spent quite a long time running up and down the massive artificial sand dunes that have been banked up for the winter. Hester actually flew at one point! It was blooming cold though, 2 degrees C with a really cold wind straight off the sea. Brrrrrrrrrr! Good job they did so much running! Love from Ed, Rebecca, Ralphie and Hester x.


Thank you Ed and Becs, it certainly looks cold but I bet the dogs in their winter coats felt lovely and warm! I love the photo of Nesta she certainly is flying!


Tina W said...

Great action picture. Too cold for me!!

martin and julie said...

Lovely! We'll be down in Broadstairs in the last week of March. Looking forward to it very much!

Fiona said...

We visit Margate and Broadstairs every summer as my family live in Kent. Mind you Percy has never ventured that far south - he can't travel in the car down our road without crying so I don't think he (or we) could manage travelling the whole of the A1...!!!Fiona and Percy x