17 January 2011

A Very Happy Birthday To Lucy & Hesta

We celebrated Lucys 6th Birthday yesterday with the usual pork pie.  Rod held on to Alys for the photo, not sure she would have been able to control herself !
Looking forward to seeing everyone at Crufts on the Discover Dogs stand.
Rod Chris Lucy & Alys


It's Hester's first birthday yesterday. She had a lovely muddy walk with her bedlington friends and then had a slice of cake for tea. She sends warm birthday wishes to Della and her other litter brothers and sisters. Love from,Rebecca, Ed, Ralphie and Hester xx.


A double birthday yesterday for Lucy and Hesta, hope you both enjoyed your special day and birthday treats! I just love the look on the dogs faces as they wait patiently for their pie and cake!  Lots of love to you both from your blog bedlington friends.  


patricia said...

happy birthday hesta, you look very quiet, sitting there, bit different from yesterday. what an awful day today, larry and leo havnt had there morning wee, and its mid day, tried to take them to the park but they wouldnt set foot outside the door,!

martin and julie said...

Happy Birthday!

k9 said...

Happy Belated Birthday to you Lucy and Hesta pups from Ian,Jazz and Sapphire pups aka The K9 Marshal Crew

enid said...

Happy birthday, Lucy and Hesta.Looking forwards to Discover Dogs. Larry. Fizz, Ecco and Solo

Tina W said...

Happy Birthday!! See you at discover dogs!

Sarah and Tony said...

Happy birthday Hester- you are looking very grown up. Happy birthday too to Lucy, both of you have very nice manners.