21 January 2011

A very Happy Birthday To Our Friend In The USA

A little bird flew across the pond to tell me it is Mary Lou’s birthday!!!. Lots of love to you from your friends at bedlingtonpictures. Give Billybob and team a big hug from us!


tony waller said...

Happy Birthday Mary Lou have a nice day & have a good Un"
Tony Sandra & The Rotherview Gang


Hello Mary Lou and a happy birthday to you. When are you coming back here again to see us and Wor Billy.

The Makems

k9 said...

Happy Birthday Mary Lou
Hope you have a good day from the K9 Marshal Crew

Mary Lou said...

Hi All, and thank you for the loverly wishes for my birthday. I said that when I got to 50, I was going to quit and start going backwards. You would be surprised how young I am getting. Giggle!
Derek, if I could come up with the money, I would be back over there tomorrow. Especially with the little family there right now. You know I had a great time and everyone I met was very sweet. But, with our present President, goodness only knows when we will EVER be able to afford anything ever again. I even think you all got a better deal with Brown for your PM!

Hugs to all, Mary Lou & The Woofs in sheep's clothing