18 January 2011

We Catch Up With Maisie The rescue

t's now been over a year since Maisie came to live with us and at the weekend we went 'back to her roots' with trip to a Druridg2011-01-16 15.26.00e Bay in Northumberland. What a beautiful unspoilt beach with just a few other dog walkers. Such was the excitement Maisie had to retire early that evening as she was quite overcome. Love to all  Brian, Stacey and Maisie


2011-01-16 15.26.05

2011-01-16 18.05.47

Thank you Brian and Stacey. For those of you who don’t know Maisie she is a four year old liver bitch that went into rescue with Tony Waller and is now a much loved family member with Brian and Stacey. I think she must have come home very wet and covered in sand after her beach adventure. Did you have to give her a bath before she  made herself comfortable under all those blankets? 


enid said...

Another succesful rehoming thanks to Tony Waller.

patricia said...

She looks so happy, thankyou for giving her a home, and to all the people involved in her rescue.

Brian said...

Sorry I didn't leave more info. She's settled in lovely and whilst still not overly friendly on initial meetings with other dogs she's happy to play nicely with any who don't get too 'in her face'. Otherwise she is a delight with a sunny personality, a loving nature and speed and energy to burn.

Sarah and Tony said...

Good to see you enjoying the beach. a lucky girl with a lovley home. Love from Ed and Ossie, Rosie and Jasper

Tina W said...

She has certainly landed on her feet...she looks happy!