05 January 2011

Wednesday’s Welsh News

Good morning, Bloggers. The snow has been a real problem this Christmas with everything we had planned to do cancelled so it was a relief when the weather improved and we were able to go ahead with our New Years' Day party. Here's a photo of four of our guests. Who are they? You're not allowed to have a go, Les!


We went to Aberavon Beach yesterday with the dogs and met a young couple with their Lakeland puppy, Fred. He was a bit overwhelmed by four Beddies but his owners had seen someone with three bedlingtons in Porthcawl the day before. I wonder who that was? We also met a very pretty rescue dog which that had come from Many Tears Rescue outside Camarthen ( they had a bedlington bitch there a few months ago which had come from a puppy farm and was worn out). This dog had found it's forever home and was a cross between a Cairn terrier and a Shih Tzu and it had been rescued from Ireland. Apparently, they get a lot of dogs from there. The new owners were over the moon with their dog and even though he had only been with them for four weeks he acted as if he had been with them always. Solo hasn't been to the seaside for ages and was very startled by the tide! He was covered with sand so had to have a bit of a bath when he came home. There wasn't much open so we took a flask and Christmas cake for elevenses.
We're off to our first show of 2011 on Sunday with Solo- WKA Open show in Bridgend. No Bedlington classes , so we're in AVNSC. Hope the snow keeps away. Enid

Thank you Enid, it is lovely the party went ahead News Year’s day it must have been lovely to catch up with everyone. It seems to be more and mre dogs endijng up in rescue. There needs to be far more visits by inspectors to breeding kennels and in my opinion the KC need tighten up regulations for registering pedigree dogs.    

Don’t hold your breathe when it comes to snow more is forecast for Friday down the south, hopefully that does not include Wales! We hope to get back to agility training this weekend, and now Asha is a year old I  can concentrate on training her for the nursery classes next spring.  


J&T said...

I recognise Tim, Julie and Kevin. Is the dark haired lady Kevin,s wife? I do hope the weatherman is wrong I think we,ve all had enough of snow!!!!!!!!!
A freind of ours Richard adopted a little red mongrel, Freya late last year from the Dogs Trust. She is an absolute delight, both Stella and Maya adore her and get so excieted when they meet up.
Jane xxx

patricia said...

Many Tears is an amazing rescue, I do some home visiting for them here in Kent. if anyone gets time please have a look, and spread the word, they do such wonderful things.x


Looks like a fine time was had by all. Kevin, Eileen is off to New Zealand 1st Feb. and might be seeing one of your dogs that went out there in 2007. Hope to report on this during march.

The Makem

Donna said...

a sleepy Polly on the sofa? :\
I would of liked to have seen Solo and the tide lol.