21 February 2011

Buffalo Billionaire Lifts Soccer in English Town

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Mr. Rich plans to sell Bedlington jerseys at his minor league ballparks in the United States. He also hopes to persuade members of Bedlington terrier dog clubs in the United States to buy jerseys, shirts, jackets, scarves and hats featuring the woolly pooch on the official team crest. Proceeds from merchandise sales will go to the soccer team.

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Apparently Bedlington Terrier FC Merchandise has been flying off the shelves. A lot of merchandise has gone to America with orders also from Scandinavia and Australia.  



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It's a pity the football club are not thanking the Bedlington dog blog sites both here and in the US. The free advertising, recommendations the Bedlington folk in both countries have given the football club lately has been first class.

The Makem

Sarah and Tony said...

I've just looked at the fixture list, they're playing our local team on the 5th March. Maybe Jasper would like to watch, he's the only one really keen on football? It might be a bit cold though, the locals describe it as a 2 coat town.