11 February 2011

Busy Days For Uncle Ian

Hello Bloggers
Well what a busy week for us with nice adventures for Jazz and Sapphire up and down the canals and around some of the meres where they meet up with some new doggie friends and played with them. On Wednesday I started an Induction into being a carer where I work at 7am until 1:30pm and then again 7pm till 9pm. In the afternoon I've been coming home to get Jazz and Sapphire out for their adventures and feed them before going back to work.  I help the older generation to get out of bed, washed, dressed and get them some breakfast in the mornings and then in the evenings  help them to go to bed. Up until now I'm enjoying the job even though the hours have made me tired but it’s fun! So for now its bye bye I must feed the mad pups and get back to it.


Here is Jazz and Sapphire looking into Haumond Hill Quarry when they were blasting, they were interested into seeing if they had dug up any dinosaur bones for them to chew on!

Thank you Ian well done in your new job it takes a very caring person with patience, commitment and love to help the elderly in their own homes. It is so special for infirm senior citizens to be able to live at home and not have to go into care, well done! I am sure Jazz and Sapphire will be waiting patiently by the door for your return home lunch times. You are going to be very busy but I am sure enjoying every minute of every day!


Mary said...

Great news about the job Ian though the hours look rather taxing - maybe it is me being lazy?? I agree with Lesley it really does take someone special to be a carer. Hope to see you at Brailles, I guess you are already planning your costume?? mx

ed and rebecca said...

Good luck with your job Ian. I'm sure the pups will give you a great welcome when you get home.

Linda and Misty said...

Good luck with your job. Jazz & Sapphire will be so pleased to see you when you come home and will help you relax and unwind after a busy day.
love Linda, Misty & Bailey-Jay

k9 said...

Thanks All
once i get use to the hours it'll be a dodle lol Jazz, Sapphire and Ian

bill said...

good luck with the job Ian,i am sure it will not be long before the pups go with you