07 February 2011

Dora Shines At Her Obedience Competition

I took Dora to the first obedience show this Saturday and was extremely pleased with her.  The judge was a lovely lady and thought Dora worked extremely well, she had never seen a Bedlington before so was interested in her.  However although Dora worked well all the points that were deducted or the handler (me) not walking in a straight line causing variation in the lead length and on several occasions going tight which you are penalised for.  In fact  she said in a nice way I needed my legs slapping.  Was my face red.  Good news was we ended up about one third down the list and there were 44 dogs competing.  Polly's turn next. Regards Dot

Well done Dot you must be delighted! I know just how hard it is to train a bedlington for competition obedience, that’s probably why the judge has never seen one before! We all admire your  commitment and perseverance and wish you the very best of luck at obedience shows this summer.


Tina W said...

Well done Dora and Dot!

ed and rebecca said...

Well done! That's fantastic!