27 February 2011

Great Day Yesterday At Easington & Peterlee!

Apologies for not being at MBTC show today, hope everyone had a good time!
Just to let you know we had a great day at Easington & Peterlee show today held at Scorton, North Yorkshire, only 2 bedlingtons present.
1st Janmark Justintime.
1st Gnejnabay Solo Star Boy

'VY' Janmark Justintime at 10 months young went BOB & BPIB.
'VY' went Terrier Group 2 (10 breeds) & Terrier Puppy Group 1.
'VY' then went on to go Reserve Best Pup in Show
Showing local again tomorrow, at South Shields.
Regards, Mark

Well done to Mark and “VY” what a great day for your puppy and the breed!!! We will keep everything crossed for you today at South Shields.


tony waller said...


tony waller said...

Oops, sorry about that Mark my PC has been playing up.
Well done to you both.

Lesley R Caines said...

Tony hope you and Sandra are feeling better

tony waller said...

I am getting there it's Sandra that been the worse, just one more day of the antibiotics.

Linda and Misty said...

Well done Mark and sister VY must catch up with you all
Linda, Peter, Misty & Bailey-Jay xx