28 February 2011

Have You Had A Pint Of Bedlington Ale?


I've been following the blog for some time and really enjoy it. I thought everyone might like to see the attached picture, although you all might know about the beer anyway. My boyfriend's Dad is a big real ale fan and got us this pump clip, I thought it was brilliant! It's described as 'A light coloured ale with a distinctive bite.' Have yet to try some! We are hoping to purchase a Bedlington puppy later this year. Emma x

Thank you Emma and welcome to Bedlingtonpictures. I have never seen this beer on sale but I expect some of the bloggers from Northumberland are familiar with this brew.  I like the “distinctive bite” term to describe the ale!


billy666 said...

old timers creeping in again Lesley

Mark - Janmark Bedlingtons said...

Yes I to have the beer pump clip.
But I havent tried the ale.

k9 said...

Can we have 4 pints of the Bedlington Terrier ale shiped down to North Shropshire please a pint for Brian and the other 3 pints for The K9 Marshal Crew please Thanks Ian,Jazz and Sapphire pups

Mary said...

a barrel here for the fen boys!!!!


I'll try and get some for Crufts otherwise it will be "Double Maxim" the Makems (Sunderland) beer.

The Makem

Mary said...

ooooo nigel is excited Derek!