18 February 2011

International Northeast News


Hello Bloggers,
Some of you will know Eileen is out in New Zealand at the present time and by the looks of it is enjoying every moment. The bakers certainly looks nice, bit different from the Tesco bakery counter.


Eileen has managed to go to a dog show while out there. No Bedlingtons at the show but she did had a chat with the owner of a Fox Terrier. He said he had not seen a Bedlington for years. However we do know of Bedlingtons in NZ and Eileen is hoping to see them before she comes home. One breeder out there has a bitch from Kevin Mumford which has had 4 pups from an Ausbed dog which I met in the South Island when I was there in 2007. The same bitch has had another two litters of 7 pups each from another Australian dog from the Caeruleus kennel. Again I met up with all the Australian dogs and breeders who both prefer and have British bred dogs so the outcome of the breeding should be good. One of the pups from these litters has gone to a show person who has also imported another Australian dog from the Piperdene kennel. The breeder did comment that most interest in the Bedlington was from expats now in NZ and Australians, she reckons the Kiwis prefer larger dogs. There loss. So hopefully the Bedlington Breed may now prosper in NZ and there will certainly be more to see when anyone from over here pays a visit.

As for North East gossip. Some worrying news as regards dog walking here in the North East. One of the country parks up here, Hardwck Country Park at Sedgefield is to ban dogs on the loose after April 1st. I hope this will not be the start of others doing the same. One reason they say is to prevent fouling. I would say that if an owner does not pick up the fouling when the dog is loose they certainly wont pick it up if the dog is on a lead.

Another snippet, Eileen has her 1st appointment at judging thanks to the encouragement of a couple of North East Bedlington judges. It's the Durham County Canine Associations first show and will be held on the 17th July. Schedules from Mrs C Reid tel:- 07979893827, email:- dogsatdcca@hotmail.com or download at www.durham-k9.co.uk Only snag about this date we wont be able to attend the fun day this year, Ahhhhhhh!!!!!. So as Eileen's away it's back to the tin opener or the carry out. The Makem

Thank you Derek, I bet Eileen is having loads of fun in the sun  while you are stuck in the cold opening up yet another can of baked beans! It is interesting to read of the breeding using British bloodlines  in NZ, just a shame the breed is not more popular. Great to hear Eileen is taking up judging but you will certainly  be missed at the fun day unfortunately you can’t be in two places at once! I will add the Durham show to the Open Show Dates in the index column.


Donna said...

love those froggy buns-would like them dunked my soup :)

Tina W said...

They are fantastic-too nice to eat!

billy666 said...

pop down the shop tomorrow Derek and we can go for a fish lot at Seaburn

enid said...

We'll miss you at the Fun Day.
Eileen looks as if she's having a great time.

Mary said...

oh Derek no Billy and Tia Maria and Lucozade then! Won't be the same without you at the Fun Day. Eileen having a fab time by the look of it - we shall have to rename her Gulliver!!!