08 February 2011

Midland Musings From Jane

Well I feel sure you will all be mightily relieved me and my brave pair of bedlingtons managed to avoid being eaten by the savage lion roaming these parts. ( Ok I,m sure there are those who would have quite happily had us been lunch for Leo!!!!!!) That aside not much has been happening here. One strange thing though, I don’t know about your furry friends but my mutts have definitely got the early signs of spring fever. Maya in particular has been acting in quite a wild manner, well that’s nothing new you say! Trevor recons it’s partially the winds doing, it blows through her head which being half empty causes her to go scatty. That’s his theory anyway.


Stella her mother, who has either had a personality transplant or even possibly been replaced by another beddie altogether, since we lost Archie and Nesta, is a reformed character. Now a sweet happy little soul, we have even witnessed her playing, an activity she previously avoided at all costs lol! I have to admit I quite like the new girl and hope it isn't just a phase she’s going through.  On a serious note I,m sure we are all thinking of Mo and send her our love at this difficult time. Bye for now, Jane xxx

Thank you Jane it was so sad for you and Trevor  saying goodbye to your much loved bedlingtons but on a brighter note seeing Stella become happy and relaxed is lovely. She obviously likes the extra attention that just having two dogs in the family affords! I have not had a recent a update on Maureen but we are all thinking of Elwyn and the family.    

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ed and rebecca said...

Glad to hear they are having fun!