28 February 2011

Crufts Tickets
I have 2 tickets for any day at Crufts 2011, I cannot go this year so wondered if anyone would like these tickets? I think the fairest way to deal with this is to give them to the highest donation to Bedlington Rescue and Rehoming and the cut off date is February 24th. 2011.
Frances Fuller head co-ordinator
Thank you Frances, to make a donation for the tickets please leave your offer in the comments!

I will contact Frances today about the tickets for Auntie Natalie! 


Marie said...

I would be happy to offer £10.00 for the pair.
Sorry low price but am not 100% that can I get work leave yet..

ed and rebecca said...


I’m Ralphie and Hester’s Auntie Natalie (Rebecca Eaves’ sister) – we are going to buy 2 tickets so that we can go to Crufts on the Saturday – would rather the charity gets the money – so we’ll give you £28.