22 February 2011

Planning For The Future

Hello Bloggers
Iv'e been getting something for my old age when it crops up, now, now we'll have no comments on that, it will do fine for when I take the old girls out for their walks. I do know one blogger will be very interested in the stick. Hope to see some of you down at Discover Dogs at Crufts. The Makem


Thank you Derek what a wonderful carving a real labour of love! I can just imaging the girls, and you walking up hill and down dale with your cane for support! Changing the subject do hope Eileen is safe and not caught up in the terrible earthquake that shook Christchurch last night!



Hi Lesley

Thanks, Eileen's fine, lolling on the beach up in Napier at the moment. Mind you Napier was flattened in the 1930s and that's why it was rebuilt in the art deco style.

The Makem

Mark - Janmark Bedlingtons said...

Nice stick Dirk!
send it down the road.