13 February 2011

Spring Is On The Way!

Sorry for no report last week. I some how managed to wrench my neck while I was sleeping on Saturday night. I can't believe you can hurt that bad from sleeping!! I could barely move and spent the day sitting still with heat on my neck. The poor dogs could not understand why my body language had changed so drastically and spent the day huddled in a pile all day.

Dog pile!

When I could finally bend over to put their food dishes on the floor I decided I was better enough to start scraping wallpaper out of my granddaughters bedroom.....boy I can put up some wallpaper, over 20 years in hot humid conditions and I am scraping it off an inch at a time!! The dogs decided this was great fun!! Stuff falling off the walls, long strips of paper to grab and run with! And small pieces to try and eat! So this large project should keep me busy for a while!sunset 005
The weather is finally turning warm. It will be great to have the yard dry up and not have 5 sets of muddy feet coming inside. I see the show season is starting and it is great to see everyone getting out to shows. This Monday and Tuesday is Westminster Dog Show, so I know where I will be those 2 nights!! Popcorn and a dog show!! The dogs will be thrilled, because popcorn is their favourite thing in the whole world. I swear they would walk through fire for it!
Tricia, Greyson, Rose ,Willo ,Amelia & Storey (My Woofs in Sheeps Clothing)

Thank you Tricia, I must say we have been having some milder weather but unfortunately  not much sunshine, certainly no glorious sunsets  as depicted by your island photo, it has not stopped raining today! Do hope your neck has loosened up, the dogs look rather bemused laying huddled on the sofa. I have to say the wall paper game sounds great fun!


bill said...

KFC popcorn the best

Tina W said...

Yuk that's horrible!!

Trish said...

I don't eat stuf like KFC!! That stuff will kill you!!

enid said...

Spring is on the way!

ed and rebecca said...

Ours like pop corn too!