27 February 2011

Today At Billingham Synthonia Canine Club Open Show

1. Janmark Justintime
2. Aireview Cristal Blue
1. Rubsters piper at Jukenblu
1. Janmark Misty Horizons JW BOB Terrier Goup1(10breeds)
2, Sevray Whisper at Jukenblu

Janmark Justintime. Best Pup & Puppy Group 3.

Lesley and Summer won av puppy (2 in the class)
Julie with Piper won av post grad (4 in class)
Julie with Whisper won av open (2 in the class)
Mark with (Justintime)  won the av puppy stakes
Janmark Misty Horizons JW. BEST IN SHOW !!
460 dog show. Judge Kay Aspin.
What a day for the bedlingtons congratulations to everyone especially Mark and “J”


Linda and Misty said...

Well done all
Bailey-Jay sends congratulations to his sister VY and Misty also sends congrats to VY his little niece xxx

Shell said...

well done, great result!

Sarah and Tony said...

Well done every one

matthew-seaofiron bedlingtons said...

Well done mark.