06 February 2011

Today At Wellingborough

Junior:    3 entries - 1 absent
1st - Tobanie Earth Song (Best Puppy
2nd - Burmington Truly Blue

Post Graduate:    4 entries
1st - Gnejnabay Chokko Pops
2nd - Mollora Eastern Dawn for Tobanie
3rd - Makems Honky Tonk Woman

Open: 2 entries
1st - Seaofiron Where Angels Play
2nd - Gnejnabay Zena of Bugibba

Best of Breed & Best Puppy: Tobanie Earth Song


For Best  Of Breed

Many congratulations to Trudie and Tammie what a fantastic day for the puppy!


enid said...

Daddy Ecco says "Congratulations Baby!"

Tina W said...

Well done!